Racial Inequality in American Society

When we talk about men is equal, are we trying to say that all people should treat equally? That all people should have the same opportunity to grow and thrive as best as he can?

Being different is something that people in society seem not to understand, and it scares them. Society had standards, and expect something out of all of us, and when someone crazy different, society tries to push it out. Racism has been something that goes way back and has caused laws to be made. Unfortunately, racism continues today even with the laws that implemented. However, the laws have made an impact, Americans elected a black president, and that is a big step that Americans are progressing in getting rid of racism.

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There is a great desire in every person’s inner being to strive for equality. The fight for equalization has existed throughout time. Minorities like African Americans, Asian Americans, Indian Americans, and Hispanic Americans are examples of those who have been inspired to fight for equal rights, for justice, and freedom

Racism is a definite reality in American society that affects all people. Although, racism continues to shatter and destroy lives

Equality is about an individual’s inherent value. It is a moral, ethical and social construct. The idea of equality is that every person deserves equal respects and dignity, no matter their differences. It may not seem like it achieved the goal of equality, but things have gotten better. The American society of today made much progress; different races get along much better than they did sixty years ago. Before the civil rights movement, a person cannot imagine for a black man and a white man to eat in the same restaurant or even to use the same restroom.

Racism during back in the days where it was socially acceptable to go around calling people of color every name but their names. Racism, nowadays, people are much more careful about displays of discrimination openly. Social media is a big factor of condemning racism directly or indirectly.

Though racism is still happening today, it has gone down, and for the most part, people are started to accept, that just because a person is from a different race, it does not mean that he should treat differently. The generation today is more open to different races, that America is not only for a specific race but it is a diversified country.

Discrimination and racial prejudice are not learned, people learn from their society, culture, and the environment they live. It is a threat to one’s freedom and causes constantly stress that disturbs an individual’s self-esteem and their participation in society. An individual’s ability to express themselves freely hindered when they are racially profiled because they exist or appearing a certain way.

People are subject to all types of influences and judgments. It can be in any form from jokes and comments, from harassment at school, employment, and from physical abuse and violence. However, if the American society should have to keep doing what is right as individuals and understanding the way people feel and behave toward those outside their group can help to promote conscious inclusion and preventing future discrimination.

There are still tensions regarding public policies such as welfare, police violence, education, crime, and poverty. Although, these issues affect all the Americans because of the differences of opinions and beliefs. Though it went through many stages, American society has signs of progress in trying to get better and showing everyone that every single person is equal and has the same rights as everyone else. Things will continue to improve until eventually racism is something that people just read about in history books.

Racial tensions will always exist because that is how human nature works. It is a personal feeling an inner issue of the individuals from the thought of superiority over others just because of race, or it stems from bad experiences with a person of another race. It also roots from the individual’s social surroundings, family, friends, and personal acquaintances that have racist attitudes will dictate his views due to social pressure.

American society can still make a big difference on changing the history of racism by trying their best to get along to reach an understanding about the different histories and values between the racial, ethnic, and religious group, try to think that the people who live in America are not based on colors but as Americans.

Training the children to be a good citizen of the American society and teaching them accepting diversity and culture of individuals will make a big difference in combatting racism in the nation. Children will be exposed to race-related issues sooner or later, and they need to be prepared. The parents should start talking to their children about cultural differences and not judging people based on their color and ethnicity. Children should be exposed and get used to a world where equality is the norm, so, when they become an adult, this is their world. The best thing is that most Americans understand that we are still progressing towards the world that Martin Luther King imagines in “I Have a Dream” speech.

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