Reaction Paper on Ecological Sucession

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Ecological succession Reaction Paper “Change is the only thing that is constant” – Heraclites. This is one of the few things that I agree to be the most correct term and ever applicable in everyday life. Well aside from I need to eat of course and that this world is full of all kinds of things, from small to big, to living to nonliving. Seemingly that here, everything is interconnected, in a way that everyone needs everything to survive. More of a give and take relationship. I thing that is what ecology is all about, to live in harmony with others despite natures will and challenges.

First law of ecology states that “everything s always changing” ( Barry commoner), but there can never be a change without a force acting on it. Example is the candy. It shape changes inside our mouth because of the pressure that is given by out tongue and the acids inside our mouth, it will soften then melted, then digested. Well that is Just an ordinary example to be stated. But it still undergoes change so it can be termed as succession because it undergoes in a certain procedure. Just like what happened in our world for biodiversity to be created.

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Disturbances – this can be inferred to be the world’s pioneer in changing its form and biodiversity. As said in the video, possibly a big big big asteroid hit the planet, wipe out its living thing creating nothing but complete desolation. But, there are also disturbances that are small but is ever necessary in the formation of an ecosystem. In my own understanding of the word disturbance, it is action that has an effect on its surroundings. As said in the video, a falling tree can be considered a disturbance. Why?

Because of the fallen tree, more nutrients will available for the trees and plants around it. Mosses and fungi will have something to grow on. Worms, germs and bacteria will have something to sink its teeth on to decay. Disturbances are ever essential for everyone to survive. Remember the example stated in the paragraph above, that is a disreputableness it affects its surroundings and creates a succession. That example above is called a primary succession, were in in my understanding is creating something out of nothing.

Simply rising from the ash is what I call it. It is called primary because all of the niches found in that ecosystem is destroyed to the point that it has to start again. Primary because it paves way to the start or the emerging or reemerging of species and new species (as theory of adaptation by Charles Darwin) and ecosystem. It is completely hard to live in a desolated place of course, but the good thing on it, NO COMPETITION. Meaner most of the place you’re in is yours.

For a region that underwent primary succession to reemerge, hundreds or even thousands of years will be needed for it to replenish all of the resources that has been destroyed, but the good thing on it, it can be filled with more beautiful and wonderful things. Is there a way to change or disturb the cycle of the ecological succession? Yes. We humans can prolong the cycle, alter it but never to stop it. As a cycle mean, everything must go back to its initial position, it will tart again Well we be all be looking forward to an end of this cycle, in which in ecosystem is called the “Climax Community’ or simply the edge or the turning point.

It is the state in which a single ecosystem has reached either its pinnacle or the en o dissuasive. If we will relate this to our contemporary world, this is like the most desolated forest or the most modern city. The transition can either be created by man, or by nature, basing on stochastic or degree of randomness, we can never tell the possible moves that nature has in line for us. Sad to say but everything must be destroyed to be recreated.

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