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Reality tv: keeping up with the kardashians

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a reality television show that has aired on E! for the past seven years. It has filmed eight seasons focusing on the lives of the Kardashian and Jenner families. The reality show focuses on both the private and professional lives of the Kardashian sisters Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, with additional emphasis on their brother Robert, mother Kris, stepfather Bruce (Robert Kardashian passed away before the show aired and Kris got remarried to Bruce), and half siblings Kendall and Kylie.

As the seasons progressed their boyfriends, friends, and coworkers all became a big part of the show. This included people such as Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick, her two kids Mason and Penelope, Khloe’s husband Lamar Odom, Kim’s best friend Jonathan and Bruce’s other kids Brandon and Brody. Although well known for many arbitrary reasons, their show is focused on the success and numerous businesses of the family, along with all the drama that comes with being famous.

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Reality tv: keeping up with the kardashians
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In the beginning the Kardashian sisters owned a boutique in California called D-A-S-H, and now have progressed into multi-million dollar celebrities. Their whole family has become very successful in both the business and fashion worlds, from owning restaurants, being models, and having their own talk shows, to being designers and having their own various fashion lines, they have done it all. Often criticized for being “famous for being famous” they are repeatedly questioned if they would be this successful without their money and fame for no particularly gifted reason.

Through all the drama and catfights, the show tries to make the main focus that they are a family that truly loves each other and will always have each other’s backs. In this particular episode Kim is about to have her baby with Kanye West, so her mom, Kris, offers for them to live in her house so Kim and the baby can be taken care of. Kendall and Kylie aren’t fans of this idea because they feel they will never be able to have alone time. Kris gives them their way and buys them a beach house that they can go to whenever they want to relax or get away. At the same time, Bruce has always wanted a putting green in his backyard so all the kids agree he deserves one since Kris never lets him have his way. Kim takes Kris on one of her business trips to Paris in order to distract her from the construction and that way Kris doesn’t prevent Bruce from getting what he wants since it will already be finished. Once Bruce finds out Kris did something nice and rented the beach house for them, he begins to feel bad for doing this behind her back. He calls it off, but it is too late since the construction already began. Some how he still manages to cancel everything and begs for help from his family to put the yard back together and make it seem like it never happened. Kris arrives back home in the midst of the family attempting to put it back to normal and throws a fit because they did not get her approval nor tell her about the plans in general. In the end, everyone apologizes to Kris and Bruce doesn’t put up a fight to get a putting green. Analysis:

The dominance of the female gender is very clear in the Keeping Up with the Kardashian series, especially this specific episode. From the very beginning of the series the females in the family have always had more say, more power, and more popularity. This could be due to many factors including their personalities and the fact that they out number the amount of males significantly. The two main males in the show are Bruce and Robert. Bruce is always controlled by Kris and never gets a say in the majority of the decisions made. Robert is the only Kardashian son and isn’t given as much attention or say as the girls of the family. Particularly in this episode, Bruce shows weakness towards his wife Kris and is hesitant to go through with any sort of decision regarding the putting green he wants in fear of having to face her wrath. The relationship between men and women in the show is portrayed with dominance in the women and gives them control over many, if not all, situations. Bruce, before even bringing up the putting green to Kris, was already terrified to ask her because he knew from previous attempts at getting what he wants he never succeeds. The females assert power by being very defiant, bold, and uncompromising, the men are used to this so they tend to stop trying to fight for their wants because they know the females don’t give up if it isn’t their way.

Bruce knows Kris would never want a putting green in their backyard because it makes it look less classy, therefore he tries to avoid having to even confront her and ask if he can. The fact that he even has to ask her shows she has power in the relationship, and his eventual back down to the plan also suggests her authority. Although the female characters act very feminine and are into fashion, looks, and are very emotional, they have so much power and say over the men. The men on the other hand, although into masculine things, such as golfing, degrade themselves to the women and have developed into letting them have the control and dominance. The women are generally rewarded in the show by getting their way, such as everyone apologizing to Kris since they didn’t ask for her permission to install the putting green, and the men are normally punished and have to let the women have what they want in order to avoid conflict. The gender roles in this show, specifically this episode, are not parallel to the usual roles in society and most television shows. Usually, the men have the control, strength and power, while the women are more gentle and compliant, but in Keeping Up with the Kardashians the positions seem to be the opposite of the stereotypical gender roles.

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