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Representations of women in advertising

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They have used chipolatas to do so effectively, they have done this by using an idealistic woman physically: thin, revealing dress, toned body, cleavage which gives the idea that the del is sexually active and connotes to the audience that if they were to purchase and wear this fragrance, women like the model would desire them too. There are only three colors used in this advertisement: black, white and gold.

They have used the colors black and white to make the product look sophisticated, to attract their secondary audience of businessmen, who want to come across sophisticated, proud and truthful.

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Representations of women in advertising
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The way the colors black and white connote truthfulness would be from the expression ‘its black and white’ which is said when the individual wants someone to know what they are presenting is what is comes across as, persuading the audience that this product will achieve their desired woman and/or career aim.

They have then used the color gold specifically on the product to link with the name of the product ‘1 Million’ as they want the product to seem and look expensive so they have designed the product to look like a gold bar which will entice the audience, as not only will the product make the customer smell good, it will also make them feel expensive and classy.

Another element to the advertisement would be the signature, OPAC Arabian click that is featured through the model clicking her fingers.

This would be recognizable to the previous users of OPAC Arabian and their fans, opening up another secondary audience. The use of the click is also connoting that once you have the product and the audience is using it, everything that they have ever desired will come to them with just a click of their fingers, suggesting that you are paying a premium price for a premium product with certain benefits. The image of the model chosen has sexualities her, and with her clicking her fingers that indicates that she would also appear with the click of your fingers once you have the product.

Or you would be able to ‘get her’ with the click of your fingers, like she is a prize to be won. The hairstyle of the model is very messy portraying a look that makes her seem like she has just got out of bed, which would be appealing to the male audience, as it suggests she would be like this with them. Another potential secondary audience would be women (aged 18-30) who Indo the model as an idealistic Woman as well as the men and strive to become like the woman in the advertisement, because that is what their desired man is interested in.

This audience would then be interested in what OPAC Arabian offers for women so they can become the male audiences fantasy, and so they can also feel good in themselves. The main text on the page is the brand name ‘OPAC Arabian’ which makes it aware to the audience where they can purchase the fragrance and where they can look for other things that they may like to purchase. OPAC Arabian is in gold sparkling letters to link with the product being a sparkling gold also, to connote wealth.

The colors also mirror each other so the audience is more likely to remember the advertisement; the use of mirroring in advertisements has been scientifically proven to make the viewers remember things more efficiently. In the image of the model, lighting has been pointed directly at her and from above slightly, to put emphasis and define her cheekbones and toning in her body, to make her more attractive for the audience. By adding a lot of light I can also get rid of any blemishes on the skin and make them harder to see.

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