Satire in huckleberry finns

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Mark Twain’s novel, Huckleberry Finn, utilizes the theme of religion and superstition to portray the social classes. The “less educated” are depicted through their reliance on superstition, while the “educated” embrace religion. The presence of religion in both school and society plays a significant role in this distinction.

Both superstition and religion serve a similar purpose of providing explanations for things that people struggle to understand. Due to Huck’s limited exposure to the logic and concepts of religion, he tended to rely more on superstition. It appeared that superstition was primarily embraced by individuals outside of mainstream society, such as “outsiders,” children (who had not yet been influenced by religion), and slaves. This reliance on superstition may have served as a means of distancing oneself from societal norms.

Huck Finn’s belief in superstition was shaped by his own reasoning, faith, and desire for explanations in every situation. Throughout the novel, Huckleberry Finn, Miss Watson persistently tries to convince Huck to adopt Christian beliefs. However, she fails to communicate in a way that Huck can comprehend. “Then Miss Watson took me into the closet and prayed, but nothing happened. She instructed me to pray every day, promising that whatever I asked for would be granted.

However, it was not the case… I once had a fish-line, but no hooks” (Pg 40). Huck fails to comprehend Miss Watson’s statement about granting his requests. Later in the story, Miss Watson attempts to clarify her intentions to Huck, but he still does not grasp the purpose of praying or other Christian customs. “…But I couldn’t see any benefit in it…” (40). Huck shares the same logical thinking and dilemma as many contemporary individuals. Lacking an understanding of Christianity’s advantages stems from his belief that unfortunate events still occur…

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