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Socialization & The social Construciton of Reality

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Sociologists view socialization as a lifelong process that begins
When a child is born
If we place nature and nurture at opposite ends on a continuum, most sociologists would fall toward the nurture end of the continuum. Which statement best explains this tendency?
Sociologists focus on, and as a result give primary weight, to the social environment in explaining how people think, feel, and behave.
Which theory uses game-playing to understand the development of self?
Mead’s role-playing theory
Cooley’s theory of socialization states that the self develops from our interactions with others and their reactions to us.

This theory is known as:

looking-glass self theory
According to Charles Horton Cooley, we develop a self-concept by:
Interpreting how others think about us
In terms of how we feel about ourselves, Charles Horton Cooley would argue all of the following to be true EXECPT
We are affected more by how people react to our behavior than by how we interpret their reactions
According to George Herbert Mead’s stages of development between the “I” and the “me” in George Herbert Mead’s theory?
Playing formal games (like baseball)
Which of the following best describes the differences between the “I” and “me” in George Herbert Mead’s theory?
The “I” is selfish and impulsive; the “me” is how we believe others see us
Although there are many agents of socialization, four of the primary ones are:
family, schools, peers, and media.
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Socialization & The social Construciton of Reality
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According to research by Kohn and Schooler (1983) and Lureau (2002). Parents of different social classes socialize their children differently. Which of the following statements best describes these differences?
Middle-class parents are more likely to stress independence and self-direction; working-class parents are more likely to instill respect for authority.
Expected conformity, especially among teenage friends, is known as:
Peer Preasure
A drastic type of adult socialization that may occur when adults change environments is known as:
Military boot camps and prisons are places that control all of the basics of people’s day-to-day lives and are known as:
Total Institutions
A recognizable social position that an individual occupies, such as “student” or “professor”, is known as a:
_____refers to a social position while ______ designates socially expected behavior.
A single mother who is experiencing incompatibility within her role, such as dealing with sleep deprivation and spending quality time with her children, may be experiencing which of the following?
Role Strain
Janet has a paper due in her English class, a test in her psychology class, and field notes due in her anthropology class this week. On top of it all, she needs to meet with her advisor to plan out classes for next semester. Janet is experiencing:
Role Strain
According to dramaturgical theory, the primary goal of every social interaction is:
to make a good impression
According to impression management, the backstage arena would include:
Where we are our “private selves” and where the real story takes place.
Harold Garfinkel and his students devised “breaching experiements” in order to :
reveal the presence of unspoken expectations that people in particular roles have of one another.

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