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Free Trade and Technical Classes During President Roosevelt

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The first source shows a poster advertising free trade and technical classes for adults during President Roosevelt New Deal. It occurred in 1936 around the time of the United States depression. This poster was created to encourage people to get an education to reduce poverty and to create Jobs. The ideological perspective shown in the source is modern liberalism because there is government contribution in the society to benefit the country. This is a collective perspective because the program is funded by the government to benefit society as a collective.

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Free Trade and Technical Classes During President Roosevelt
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Roosevelt created social orgasm during the recession to create Jobs and maintain equality. His ideas were inspired from John Keynes who also was a modern liberalism. The poster supports the principles of modern liberalism but not classic liberalism. It somewhat limits economic freedom, self-interest and competition. By creating more social programs, it leads to an increase in taxes in order to pay for these programs. An increase in taxes will result in less economic freedom.

The creation of social programs also limits self- interest because if the government acts in collective interest of the citizens, this old likely lead to less self-interest. Competition would be lost when the social programs begin to take competition from other businesses. Source 2 is a political cartoon showing Jumper cables hooked up to the positive ends of batteries that represent “tax” and “rebate”. I believe this cartoon is saying that both tax and rebate can’t Jumpstarted the economy. You either need tax OR rebate.

This cartoon is linked to Keynes economic theory because he believed that tax rebates when the economy is poor would help stimulate the economy and taxes when the economy was good would prevent spending and overheating. The main idea represented is not clear because it doesn’t show which battery is the ‘right’ one to use. It Just states that you need either tax OR rebate. Assuming that in Keynes theory that rebates would help Jumpstarted the economy, and taxes would prevent overspending, we can say that this image is a collectivist because it supports government involvement.

The government controls fiscal policies to prevent recession and by raising taxes or rebating taxes, it will benefit the society as a collective. The image primarily rejects the principles of classic liberalism but purports modern liberalism. It can either support, or reject economic freedom depending on the state of the economy. The government is in control of how much taxes will increase or decrease. An increase in taxes would lead to less economic freedom, while tax rebates would result in more economic freedom.

The cartoon also rejects private property and competition. Based on Keynes theory, when times are bad, you decrease taxes and create social programs, which will lead to some private property becoming public. Social programs will also take away competition from existing businesses as well. The last source is an article that summarizes Keynes economic theory. Keynes Source Analysis By countermeasure’s believed that classic liberalism itself was unstable. You need government intervention to straighten some issues out.

His ideological perspective is closely linked to modern liberalism because they both encourage and endorse social programs and have government control some aspects of the economy. If classic liberalism was left alone with no government control, society would go into recession and there is no way that it can come out of it unless government is there to take intro. You need social programs to help the recession by creating Jobs and express confidence in the economy. Keynesian economics supports the principles of modern liberalism.

It somewhat rejects private property, economic freedom and competition. By creating social programs, some private property will be changed over to public property. As previously stated, social programs would also take away competition for other businesses. Taxes are used to fund these programs and an increase in taxes would lead to less economic freedom. It supports individual rights and freedoms cause the social services would provide the programs that would improve the lives of the citizens.

For example, free public healthcare would relate to the right to health. All 3 sources share the same ideological perspective of modern liberalism by the belief that government involvement is for the better of the economy. The first poster relates to the last article. The poster is promoting a social program to encourage people to go to school. This relates to Keynesian because the social program would lead to Jobs being created and would help a recession.

The second cartoon also relates to the article as well because when times are bad, you need tax rebates to help increase spending. When times are good, you need tax increases to decrease spending and prevent overheating. All the sources address the same principles of liberalism. The sources all promote public property, and individual rights and freedoms. The sources also reject some economic freedom, self-interest and competition. In conclusion, all sources address the same principles of liberalism and they together represent a modern liberalism society.

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