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Step Meeting. Summary

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What did you like about the meeting? The sense of belonging that was given to each member without condemnation was very inspiring to me. Members were able to share their personal alcohol issues without been ashamed or laughed at by other members. What did you dislike? It requires genuine honesty for success. For Which individuals does a 12 Step approach work best? This works best for individuals who are ready to be committed to the program and also ready to welcome the support group into his life by been open minded.

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Step Meeting. Summary
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Which individuals does a 12 step not work well? Anyone who doesn’t open up to members for support. Please include a one to two page typed summary of the meeting which incorporates an overview tooth meeting along with your thoughts, feelings, and overall experience. 12 STEPS MEETING SUMMARY The meeting started with an opening speech by the guest speaker who also was an alcoholic and has been sober for arrears. The guest speaker started by sharing his personal issues With alcohol, how he overcame it and the uniqueness he suffered while he was an alcoholic.

The guest speakers able to relate With each member based on the common ground they all share that is, alcoholic. He then opens the floor to members to share their personal testimonial With the group. Eleven members stood up to share, and they all began their statement the same way; “My name is… And I’m and alcoholic”. The 12 steps were introduced to the new members and how to use each step was discussed. The speaker spoke about the challenges and temptations he faced in other to main sober and how he overcame each temptation each day till date.

Also, also reinforced on the importance for staying focus and truthful to the program. Each member took the pledge to remain truthful to the program and to stick to its requirements. The meeting was an eye opening experience for me because each member was able to relate with one another regardless of their race, culture or socioeconomic class.

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