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Mark Twain is set in the time before the civil war. This setting of is when racism and civil rights were still around. It was around the late sass. The state of which story takes place in is Missouri. The town that Houck Finn starts off at is called SST. Petersburg which goes along the Mississippi river. Later on Huckleberry Finn goes off to an island that he is familiar to called Jason Island after he faked is death. This is when and where the story of Huckleberry Finn took place. The story Finn a Novel Matthew Alohas took place in a more modern time in Missouri.

Even know it was set in a more modern time there was still racism around. Later on they end up going to California. This was the setting of both of these stories. The Plot of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain and Finn a Novel by Matthew Alohas are very similar to each other. In The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn the main character Houck Finn is trying to find a way to freedom from his irresponsible drunken father Pap. In the novel Finn a Novel Chloe is trying to find a way to freedom from her crazy mother. Houck Finn and Chloe were both kidnapped by their parents. The slave of Widow Douglas,

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Jim, ran away from her and Houck Finn ran into Jim on Jason Island (which is where Houck Finn ran away to after he faked his death). They both run away together to find freedom. In Finn a Novel Finn faked her own death and ran away with her grandparent’s maid Silvia to California to be free of discrimination and racism. Both stories run through some situations and get split apart, but they make it through them. That is how both of the stories plots were similar to each other. The themes of both of these stories are pretty much the same. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn the theme is natural life.

It was not right in society that slave should be around. Houck Finn helped Jim to get to freedom after they ran away from civilization and society. When they were out of civilization the rules did not apply and made life easier for them. The theme of Finn a Novel was the same. When Silvia was working just to stay in the IIS without a pay was not alright. There was racism all around Silvia that was trying to deport her back to Mexico. To go to California was going to make her life better for her and her child. Both of these stories show that life can be better away from society. This is how the themes compare to each other.

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