The Basic Human Rights of All, Socialism, and an Explanation of Fascism

The Central Truth

The article talks about the basic human rights that everyone should have, restating the famous quote “We were all created equal”. It also mentions the idea of equality and how it was related to the idea of land-owning, which was proven wrong. Everyone should be equal whether they own some type of property or not. The right to live and happiness is mandatory for any human being. We were created equally by our creator and he didn’t specify what equality should be upon, it’s simple! You are human; then you’re just as good as me. The society is pulsation with change. There is an unresolvable struggle between liberal ideas and the contemporary group of community. We can’t authorize people to vote, then make them beg. We can’t go on teaching them, then ignoring them the ability to earn a living. We can’t keep gossiping about natural human rights, then doubt the full right to the generosity of the Creator.

Once More, with Feeling: Our System Is Not Socialism, but Participatory Fascism

Socialism is a system in which all the major means of production are owned and operated by the state.” I don’t have any problem with this definition. However, a problem occurs with the definition of the term “owned.” Do you mean someone has the paper title to property, or do you mean someone has control over the property? Soviet style socialism gives the state the paper title as well as control of property. Fascism allows the paper title to remain with the private citizen while the state controls the property. So Fascism is just a flavor of socialism because ownership without control is no ownership at all.

The F-Word We’re Afraid to Use

The eleven points stated at origin appear standards of any unstable government, not necessarily an independent State. One example of fascism would be when Politicians are shills for Corporations / Corporate Think Tanks. I’m convinced it’s beneficial for Politicians, whose time is expensive and valuable to spend it on stuff like that, to just find some pre-written Bill to bring to Congress, but it does lead to problems. The article explained clearly what fascism is and also mentioned how Adolf Hitler was a type of the F-word as well.

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