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The Body Shop ’ s trading charter describes their company as “ guaranting human and civil rights ” , as utilizing “ environmentally sustainable resources wherever technically and economically feasible ” , “ back uping long term, sustainable relationships with communities in demand ” and “ advancing animate being protection ” . If these things are infact so, you would believe that “ The Body Shop ” is ethical in the sense that it replenishes the environment and is generous to all disadvantaged people. However, we are traveling to demo whether this is the instance, or whether the whole issue is merely a selling gambit to derive regard and gross revenues for the company. On the 16th March 1998, a imperativeness release was issued foregrounding the issue that there are defects in the company ’ s “ green consumerism ” . The Body Shop has manufactured an image of being a caring company that is assisting the environment, but: -The Body Shop has over 1,500 shops in 47 states and aggressive enlargement programs. Like all transnational companies, their chief intent is to do money for their stockholders. – The Body Shop do broad usage of non-renewable petrochemicals, man-made colors, aromas and preservatives – they use merely bantam sums of botanical-based ingredients. – They pay their workers low rewards and are opposed to merchandise brotherhoods, guaranting low labor costs and that the workers can non better their conditions – The autochthonal people are exploited as The Body Shop claim to assist through alleged “ Trade Not Aid

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” and “Community Trade” projects, but less than 1% of sales go to these causes. For example: The Body Shop have claimed that by using brazil nut oil in hair conditioner, the Brazilian Indians are able to make sustainable use of the forest, but only a small number of the Kayapo (Indians) are involved creating resentment and divisions in the community, and The Body Shop, as the sole buyers, can set any price. – The Body Shop has brought legal action to those who have criticised them, trying to stifle public opinion, and thus, demoting “free speech”. Although these points are highlighted, it can also be argued that The Body Shop: – Allows disadvantaged people to work and looks after socially and economically marginalised – Gives some of its profits to good causes – Its goods aren’t tested on animals, but relies on some animal tested ingredients Conclusion: Depending on your point of view, Body Shop is a visionary concept, or an organisation exploiting idealistic followers, getting rich while pledging to help save animals, the indigenous peoples, and a host of other complex causes. Even the best make mistakes and/or compromise their ideals under bottom-line pressure To be ethical it can be argued that we can identify firms that acknowledge their daily struggle to improve product quality, environmental practises, and worker and community relations, and which open their practices to outside scrutiny. Although it can be highlighted that ‘nobody can make the world a better place by shopping.’

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