The Fall Of Willy Loman

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Willy Loman was a adult male who bit by bit destroyed himself with false hopes and beliefs. Throughout his full life Willy believed that he would decease a rich and successful adult male. It was inevitable for him to come crumpling down after old ages of disenchantments. We can look at Willy’s life by analyzing some of his character traits that brought him down.

Charley one time said to Willy, ? When the snake pit are you traveling to turn up? ? Willy spent his full life will this false semblances and comcepts, he thought that he would decease a rich and celebrated adult male. When he looked at himself, he saw a great adult male that was successful. One may believe that holding a positive mentality is good for 1s self-esteem, but in Willy’s instance it was damaging. Merely as Charley asked this inquiry to Willy, it was left like most things in his life, unreciprocated.

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Another hapless character trait in Willy was the manner he had such high hopes and dreams. Willy was taken confined by the American Dream. He was so consumed with the thought of it; he ne’er took a minute to recognize that he couldn? t gaining control that phantasy. He was so consumed that it caused him to endure from stultifying self-delusion. In the beginning of the drama, Willy was in a craze; he couldn? t even extinguish world from his fantasy universe. ? Biff is a lazy rotter? Biff Loman is lost. In the greatest state in the universe a immature adult male with such-personal attraction, gets lost. And such a difficult worker. There’s one thing about Biff – he’s non lazy. ? From Willy’s actions it was obvious that depending on the strength of the minute he would alter his head set from better to worse, for he could get by better for the state of affairs.

Due to the fantasy universe that Willy lived in, largely caused by the American Dream, he pursued his calling in gross revenues. Based on the success of Dave Singleman, his wise man. His bad calling pick caused most of his dissatisfaction with life. His gross revenues career merely conflicted with his natural abilities and endowments. I believe that he knew he should hold been working in a different field, but his compulsion with the American Dream would non let him to recognize that. When Willy dreamt of working with his custodies he was the happiest. ? Yeah. He was a happy adult male with a batch of cement. He was so fantastic with his custodies. He had all the incorrect dreams All,

all, wrong. ? Harmonizing to the thought of the America Dream, manual labour did non follow. Sadly plenty, Willy measured his ego worth by the criterions of the American Dream.

Willy was a obstinate adult male that was possessed by utmost pride. Charley offered him a occupation when he came into his office about imploring. Charley tried explicating some points of the concern universe, explicating that being liked is non an issue. Willy truly had no thought how the concern universe worked. He thought if one was liked, no jobs would originate.

? Why must everyone like you? Who liked J.P. Morgan? Was he impressive? In a Turkish bath he? 500 expression like a meatman. But with his pockets on he was really good liked. Now listen, Willy, I know you wear? T like me, and cipher can state I? m in love with you, but I? ll give a occupation because? merely for the snake pit of it, put it that manner. Now what do you state? ?

Willy refused the occupation because he was covetous of Charley’s success. Largely, he refused the occupation from Charley because he was non good liked. Harmonizing to Willy, this is non an ideal relationship in the concern world/American Dream. Therefore, he choose to decline a well-paying occupation with security, instead than confront the truth of the truth of the affair.

Willy held true to his ego. Throughout his full life he believed that he was a singular salesman. He believed that he was known everyplace all throughout New England as being the greatest salesman. Sadly plenty this was proved, proved to be incorrect. It wasn? T until his funeral that is was proved, but Willy wasn? t even alive to recognize it. It became evident to his household and Charley that he was merely another old adult male that was swallowed up by the American Dream. cipher even cared about him, and he wasn? t good at his occupation, he merely wasn? T meant for that calling.

After analyzing Willy’s character traits it seems highly obvious to one who is detecting that he was traveling to neglect at anything he did. Unfortunately he merely wasn? T meant for the concern universe. One good trait of Willy Loman was that he ne’er did allow travel of his dreams and hopes. Unfortunately, Willy stayed in his fantasy universe and could non come to footings with world; the myth of the American Dream destroyed him. The American Dream wasn? T equipped to manage such worlds as Willy. Willy bought the gross revenues pitch and the monetary value that he paid for it was decease.

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