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The great Gatsby american dream

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If you are looking for a way to kill the American Dream, you should call a man named Jay Gatsby of West Egg, Long Island, New York. I think he’s found it. Jay Gatsby is a wealthy man who lives in one of the ? Eggs? in New York. Jay Gatsby’s real name is James Gatz, and was originally born in North Dakota on a farm. While he was a young boy he had always thought that he was meant to become something more than a farmer from North Dakota.

Because of this he leaves his home and meets a man named Dan Cody.

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The great Gatsby american dream
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They meet while he is working on the beach of Lake Superior he see’s a yacht and warned them about a storm that was coming. Dan cody was grateful and hired James Gatz to work for him. Dan Cody asked James Gatz what was his name and at that moment James Gatz became Jay Gatsby.

While Jay was working for Dan Cody he figured out how to act rich. Dan Cody dies and tries to leave Gatsby $25,000, but Cody’s mistress prevented him from claiming his inheritance. Then Gatsby dedicated himself to become a wealthy man.

Gatsby joins the Army and does his training in Louisville, Kentucky and meets a girl named Daisy Buchanan. Gatsby and Daisy end up falling in love and then Gatsby is shipped off to the war. When Gatsby comes back from the war 5 years later he finds out that Daisy is married to another man. Gatsby becomes very wealthy and moves across from Daisy just to be close to her. Gatsby never intended to leave her for so long and always regrets it. Because of this Gatsbys main dream is to marry Daisy, also part of this dream is that Daisy has to tell her husband Tom that she never loved him.

After Daisy tells Tom that she never loved him both Gatsby and Daisy can move back to louisville and live out their past together. Gatsbys main driving force to get this dream is so that he and daisy can live in the past again and forget all of the bad things that happened to them in the that they were away from each other. Gatsby has many qualities that could make this dream a reality. For example, when Gatsby was with dan Cody he learned how to play the part of a rich man, because of this he can go to social events to get closer to Daisy.

Another example is the amount of hope that Gatsby has when it is about him and Daisy being together, he never gives up on her and never lets go. But these qualities don’t help him too much because Gatsby fails to get Daisy. He failed because Gatsby,Daisy,Daisy’s husband Tom, and their friends Nick and Jordan was at the Plaza hotel, then Gatsby and Tom fought for who was going to take Daisy. Soon Tom started to bring up facts about Gatsby being involved in illegal activities. Daisy did not like that Gatsby was into these illegal activities so she leaves and Gatsby goes with her.

on their way home Daisy is driving Gatsbys car and in her fury she hit and killed a lady and never stops. As a result Tom told the lady’s husband that Gatsby hit his wife. So the lady’s husband went to Gatsby house and he shot Gatsby while he was swimming in his pool, then the lady’s husband choose to commit suicide. Gatsby died as a man whose dream was to be with the love of his life but came short and died for her. There is always a chance that your dream could never happen so don’t be disappointed if it does not.

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