The Highest Good Is Like Water

In the 8th chapter of Laozi’s Daodejing. there is a celebrated stating. “The highest good is similar H2O. ” In my sentiment. H2O has three chief features: flowing downhill. sublimating soil and profiting everything without postulating. which are besides possessed by the highest good.

Water ever flows downhill and so does the highest good. Water is ever in conformity with its natural tendency—flowing downhill by gravitation. During the streamlined period. it evaporates invariably and alterations into gas and steam. Finally. in the signifier of cloud. it flies in the blue sky. higher than everything on the Earth. The highest good is merely similar H2O.

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In interpersonal relationship. people struggle upwards. Everyone is engaged in a acrimonious life-and-death conflict. believing that the fittest survive and the weakest fail. But people with the highest good base aloof from worldly personal businesss. They are willing to endure losingss and remain low. believing that if one accepts a small disadvantage. it will turn out to be advantages. Finally they achieve the highest province.

Water purifies soil and so does the highest good. Chernyshevsky. the celebrated Russian philosopher. one time said that. “Water reflects everything around picturesquely and sways every twist. The H2O we see is the best creative person who paints from life. ” Aglow H2O is a bright mirror. Purity and soil manifests before it. Even if it sometimes flows quickly and carries deposit. it will return to unclutter when it eventually stops. The highest good can be like H2O. Good and evil manifests before it.

And it ever keeps the original good purpose. in malice of the mutable milieus. In Hugo’s Les Miserables. the priest non merely took Jean Valjean in after he knew that he was a condemnable. but besides forgave him for stealing his silverware by stating to the constabulary that it was given to him as a gift. The priest showed the highest good and purified the psyche of Jean Valjean. assisting him go good.

Water benefits everything without postulating and so does the highest good. Water stays in low-lying land. foul streets and narrow base on balls. where cipher will postulate with it. Such topographic points are gross outing in the position of mean people. who tend to remain in higher. cleaner and safer environment. The highest good is merely similar H2O. It likes what others dislike. so it follows closely the Godhead law—Dao.

Wang Yangming. the celebrated philosopher in Ming Dynasty. was relegated in Longchang County. Guizhou Province. But at that place. he realized the truth of Dao and developed the doctrine of Mind. such as the integrity of cognition and pattern. Though at that clip he was at the low point of his life. the highest good in him made him be concerned about people’s fate and believe about what he could make to be good.

Water flows downhill while the highest good stay low. Water purifies dirt while the highest good supports original. Water benefits everything without postulating while the highest good attack Dao. The highest good is similar H2O. possessing these three cherished features and makes human human.

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