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The Most Dangerous Game Review

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  • Pages 2
  • Words 275
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    One critic remarked that “Ironically, Zaroff’s belief in his invincibility as a hunter, weakens him and causes his defeat. ” After reading “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, I think thins comment is right on target and I agree with him one hundred percent. In the end, Zaroff’s attitude about his hunting skills is what caused him to loose the most dangerous game. Zaroff’s lose was due to the fact that he thought he was the best and there was no one out there that could beat him.

    For example Zaroff, in the beginning of the book, tells Rainsford how he has never failed in the ‘game’ and how he always wins. In my opinion, at this point Zaroff was too cocky and there was no way that Rainsford was going to let him win. When it comes to confidence you can’t have to much of it because if you start to get to confident, you give other people a reason they want to beat you even more than they did before they knew you were cocky.

    I think that is just what Rainsford did in “The Most Dangerous Game. ” I think he not only wanted to beat Zaroff just to survive, but I also think he wanted to show him that he isn’t the only great hunter on this island. As you can see there are many supporting reasons why I agree with the comment “Ironically, Zaroff’s belief in his invincibility as a hunter, weakens him and causes his defeat. ” Being confident is a good thing but if you become too confident, it will lead to a defeat.

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