The Segregation of Blacks and Whites

Racism’s prevelance from WWI to the 1960s was apparent due to many facotrs such as, the segregation of blacks and whites, the cruel and often times violent mistreatment towards blacks, along with the need and push for equal rights - The Segregation of Blacks and Whites introduction. These facotrs indicate racism’s evident presence within American society during this time period. The segregation of blacks and whites is the most prominent of these facotrs in showing racism’s existance during this period. Segregation separated blacks and whites in every aspect of society thus promonting an even more racist atmosphere in American life.

From schools, to the military, to public places and property such as resturants, restrooms, buses and even water fountains. Racism very controled every day life. No more than twenty percent of blacks attended schools with whites in the majority of southern states until 1964. Even when blacks and whites were together in schools during this time, the two were highly separated. There was also a significant difference in the condition and funding of black and white schools.

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White schools were flourished with quality books and equipment while black schools had almost nothing making them very uncomfortable and diffcult to thrive in. Segregation also took place in the armed forces where black and white military officers were to be serparated at all times. Courtosey was acceptable among the two races, but eating together, seeking to meet and talk together outside of military service and even shaking hands was unheard of and very inapprpriate. Whites were also limited to how much they could commend black officers and soldiers.

Especially when around whites. Good graditudes and services were to only be recognized moderatly and strictly within the truth. Blacks and whites were also segregated within every day activities. The two races could not go through the same entrances, sip from the same foundtains, or sit in the same areas of a restarant or bus together. Only whites could sit at the bar of a restarant, and were the only people allowed to sit at the front of a bus. These conditions led to the many protests and demonstrations of the civil rights movement.

The fact that there was even a need and a push for equal rights during this time stonrgly shows that racism played a very active role within American society. Many protests in the form of marches, boycotts and peaceful demonstrations were held in regards to the overwhelming issue that almost all American’s faced. The march on Washington led by Martin Luther KinG Jr where he also gave his, “I Have a Dream” speeach was one of the most famos of these protests. Also was the infamous Greensboro sit-in that was a demonstration that was held in 1960.

The sit-in took place at a Greensboro restaraunt where several blacks and a few supportive whites sat at the bar that was reserved only for whites and refused to move until they were served. Also was the famous incident between a white man and Rosa Parks when she refused to take an order from a white man to move to a further seat on an Montgomery bus which landed her in jail. This incident led to the bus boycott. Many organizatons such as, sdfjsdklfj were also founded during this time in efforts to promote and attain equal rights for all Americans.

The violence and mistreatment of blacks was also indicated racism among Americans. Lynching was a popular tactic towards blacks during the earlier 1900s. This was probably the most violent and cruel expression of racism in America. Blacks were often beaten, tared, greased, lit on fire, and then aftwerwards, hung when being lynched. Blacks were also kept from many job opportunities because of their skin color, and if they happened to reluctantly be given a job, they were offen harrased or paid significantly less than a white co-worker who had same or even less skill.

The Chicago Race Riot was also a result of black mistreatment. When a Chicago policeman neglected to help a young black man after being injured from have been knocked from a raft into Lake Michigan by a white male many people rioted. Especially after the police officer prevented other citizens from trying to save the young boy. The issue of racism was strongly apparent from WWI to the 1960s due to the segregation of blacks and whites, the existance of the Civil Rights Movement, and the mistreatment and often violent conflicts between the two races during this time.

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