The Tragedy of the Commons

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What does Hardin mean when he says that the problem of population growth has no technical solution?

            Hardin believed that there are specific class of of problems that cannot be resolved by any technological or scientific innovation. Among these is the problem on overpopulation. His argument lies on the framework that the earth and its space together with its resources is finite. On the other hand, the growth of human population is infinite. Technological and scientific innovation only can extend the finite world and its resources but will never have the capability to make it infinite. In this sense, the problem on population growth is a problem that cannot be solved by technological and scientific innovations but rather through moral or political measures.

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What does Hardin mean when he says, “Freedom in a common brings ruin to all”? How does he define true freedom at the end of his essay?

            Hardin quoted Hegel when he said, “Freedom is the recognition of necessity.” The inability of the people in authority to impose measures that will limit other people (i.e. the commons) that will harm the people will put a greater restraint on the greater number of people. By imposing laws outlawing acts such as robbing, authorities are providing a more free environment to the people. This will allow them to be more free in choosing and pursuing other aspects of their lives.

Explain the idea of the tragedy of he commons as a first set forth by William Forster Lloyd. How does it work?

            The tragedy of the commons is made possible with an open system that is accessible to all people together with a stable societal arrangement and framework. By having stable societal condition, that is a society without major strifes and conflict, the nature will loss it capacity to balance the people who access the open system it self. As the people left to be unchecked, they are going to pursue their own desires and goals, maximizing the ownership of different materials. The desires and wants of people is infinite while the capacity of the earth, the space and the resources within it is finite. This is the problem and the tragedy set forth by William Forster Lloyd, men are allowed to pursue infinite things in a world that is finite.

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