The Women’s Suffrage Campaign

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Imagine you are in the time of when women are protesting and wanting to vote. What would you do? Would you try to earn that right to vote? Or would you go against it? There are many factors that lead into the women’s suffrage campaigns. In the text below, it will show you the thinking of people, both protesting, and not.

From the thinking of the people who were mostly women protesting, they thought that if they gained the right to vote, women could actually be citizens. They wanted this because many of them never got an education, much less a male job. Many of them just stayed at home, cleaned the house, and stayed with the kids, but some of them didn’t want this. They wanted to be citizens, and the right to vote, they wanted to be able to make a change in how the government worked. They wanted to be able to have these mainly masculine jobs. The government didn’t want this, however, if it did happen, it would make the country more democratic, and it would expand the votes. They did not take this into account though, so they denied women the right to vote several times before they finally gave in.

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The thoughts of the other side of the protests were that women should not have the right to vote. Most of the people protesting against this were men, because they didn’t want to expand the voting rights to women. some cons for women having a right to vote is that it didn’t include other races. the only people who were allowed to vote were white and black men, and women. They didn’t include any other races to vote because they did not think of them as citizens. The women who protested with the men just wanted politics to be a man’s job. Not a woman’s job.

The conclusion is that mostly women wanted to vote and mostly men didn’t want them to vote. In the end, women ended up getting the right to vote, and therefore, became citizens. When women gained suffrage rights, The country would be more democratic than it was. The country would also have expanded the votes rather than decreasing it. At first, the government never wanted women to vote because they were not considered as ‘citizens’. They finally understood that it would expand the vote, and it would make it more of a democracy. Most of the people argued that women did not have the right to vote because they were women, because women were not looked up upon in those times.

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