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The desire to find happiness and the skewed perceptions of what will bring forth contentment are discussed in the article. However, it is emphasized that the key to happiness is through God and living a faithful life. I would highly recommend this website to young adolescents, especially those who are beginning to question their beliefs and morals. Many of the articles on this website accurately capture the feelings of teenagers in regards to the daily struggles that are faced to resist succumbing to peer pressure and conforming to immoral societal standards.

The second website I visited was affiliated with Generation Life, an organization that is primarily involved with promoting the virtue of chastity ND supporting the profile movement. Generation Life has speakers that visit high schools and middle schools to educate and inform adolescents about these subjects. The purpose of stressing the level of importance the virtue of chastity holds in the lives of both men and woman is one of the most significant messages of this movement.

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I enjoy how passionate the people involved in this movement are towards spreading the message of living a chaste life and positively influencing others to better themselves in order to strengthen their relationship with God. The article titled “Created by Love, Given in Love, for Love” touches upon the true meaning of love, and how we lose sight of what genuine love truly is. It is human nature to have a strong desire and craving to feel loved, however, the way in which we go about to find this love may lead us to sin instead.

The article highlights society’s distorted viewpoints on love, and talks about how authentic love is discovered through God. While surfing the website, I came across Chastity. Com, Alleviation. Com, and an organization page for the Students for the Life of America. The next website visited was Sacred Space, which provides daily step-by- step prayer sessions and focuses on a different Scripture passage everyday. The prayer sessions consist of a passage from the Gospel, a reflection of the passage, and spiritual exercises that can be followed along.

This website is mainly dedicated to prayer and practicing spirituality. My favorite aspect Of this site is the “Chapel” portion, which allows you to submit your own prayers and the opportunity to read those written by others. As I searched the Bessie, I found a link that lead me to the website pray-as-you-go. Org, which is also a great site primarily centered on meditation prayer. The website of the Catholic Youth Ministry provides numerous resources for opportunities in which adolescents can become involved in the catholic community, inside and outside of their own parishes.

While browsing the website I found an article called “You Are God’s Desire”. The article is about how God desires our love and the subtle reminders he sends us that he IS always present in our lives, even when we fail to give ourselves to him impolitely. Sometimes our relationship with God is weakened and we do not always give Him the love He deserves, however, His desire for us is so strong that He will give us the grace we need and will always forgive us for the sins we commit in order to build the relationship we have with Him back up.

On this website, there is a link that allows you to search through an inventory of job opportunities to become apart buyouts ministry. The Holy Rosary website is devoted entirely to the Rosary. As I browsed the site, learned about the history of the Rosary, it’s significance, and the proper Way it should be prayed. There is also a section Of the website that provides a step-by-step instructional tutorial on how to pray the rosary correctly. The Rosary, which is most commonly affiliated with the Holy Mary, means “crown of roses”.

According to the article that is about the history of the Rosary, Saint Dominic gave the church the Holy Rosary after he had received it from the Blessed Virgin Mary for being involved in helping with the conversion of sinners. For the remainder of his life, Saint Dominic preached the Rosary and defended its importance. There is a second article on this website that I found interesting, and it includes the different accounts in which Our Lady had made appearances to regular people, also known as the apparitions of Our Lady.

There is a link on this website that enables you to make prayer requests. Majesties is a resourceful website designed to help easily find locations and times of masses throughout the world. The website provides numerous ways to search and easily locate churches and masses in a given area. It is especially helpful for Catholics who travel and are searching for masses to attend. Additionally, the site includes confession schedules, phone numbers for further assistance, and other religious devotions. Archival. Org is the official website of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

It contains news articles and updates on current events that are occurring in within the Archdiocese, which a great way to become aware of what is happening throughout all of the parishes in the City of Philadelphia. The website also has a page dedicated to Archbishop Chapeau that consists of his statements and weekly columns. In the article “Upon the Election of Our New Holy Father, Pope Francis”, Archbishop Chapeau welcomes the newly elected pope and expresses the hope he has for the universal Catholic Church under the new papacy.

There is a page that provides links to other Catholic websites, including the official website of the Vatican, and a link to Catholic Relief Services. Catholic Answers is a site beneficial to those who wish to learn and gain a better understanding of their faith, and those who seek to learn new ways in which they can strengthen and grow in it. This website contains a number of insightful articles, gives advice, guidance, and covers a variety of topics. Many of the articles on this website defend the stance the Catholic Church has on a variety of topics.

Some of these topics include abortion, homosexuality, marriage, and morality. The article “A Pro-life State of the Union” by FRR. Frank Pantone is discussing the profile movement and how significant it really is. The article also talks about how the profile movement to make abortion illegal is progressing and becoming stronger every day. More and more people are turning against the abortion industry and are working together to finally put an end to it. The article mentions that activism is on the sis, and although it is not making abortion illegal, it is a positive way to raise awareness.

The profile movement’s goal is to bring the Catholic community together to fight for the rights of unborn babies. As I was searching Catholic Answers, I came across a link the website silentnomoreawareness. Org, which is a campaign that raises awareness to make abortion illegal. Five Catholic based APS discovered and would recommend include Catholic Sermons, Conclave, My Year of Faith, imams, and Holy Bible. The Catholic Sermons app allows you to listen to audio files of sermons, gospel passages, and spiritual epics.

Conclave is an app that gives coverage information about the election of the next pope. This app features a live video feed, news articles, biographies of the cardinals, and conclave documents. My Year of Faith is an app that gives you opportunity to become active during the Year of Faith through social networking. The app imams makes it possible to view a live celebration of Mass directly from your phone. It also provides scriptural text of the Mass to follow along with. Lastly, the Holy Bible app gives you the opportunity to read the Bible from your phone.

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