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Church Essay Topics & Ideas

✒️ Church Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. “Wife of Bath’s Prologue” as a New Look Onto Traditional Female Roles in The Medieval Church
  2. “Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do To Stop It” by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer Essay (Critical Writing)
  3. 4 Dogmas of The Catholic Church
  4. 4 Marks of the Church
  5. 5 Girls in Alabama Church Bombing
  6. A Formal Analysis of Emily Carr’s The Indian Church (1929)
  7. A Study on The Westboro Baptist Church and The Scope of The First Amendment
  8. Administration of a Local Church Case Study
  9. American Church in Kwame Appiah’s Interview
  10. An Essay on the Controversy Between the Church and the Gay and Lesbian Community
  12. Anglican Church and the Monarchy
  13. Architectural Styles: Santa Maria Novella and the Gesu Church
  14. Are the Views of the Roman Catholic Church Out of Touchs?
  15. Australia Church History Overview
  16. Bahamas Evangical Church Association Abaco Churches
  17. Baroque Effect on English Parish Church Architecture
  18. Beautillion & church and school
  19. Best kept secret of the church
  20. Blurred Lines: State and Church
  21. Book Critique: “The intentional church: moving from church success to community transformation” by Randy Pope Essay (Critical Writing)
  22. Business proposal: Spirit of Faith Church Catering Services Proposal
  23. Case Study of Church & Dwight Company
  24. Case Study of the Parish Church of Zejtun
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✨ Best church Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

  1. A View Inside The Westboro Baptist Church
    Unlike most modern spiritual groups. the Westboro Baptist Church is alone in the fact that the organisation doesn’t meet in a modern church puting. Alternatively. the Westboro Baptist Church meets on Lord’s daies to picket and protest the funerals ….
  2. Separation of Church and State in Dante’s Purgator
    “The Divine Comedy” by Dante was written to be a guide for religiousinstruction. It explained religious teachings of the time in a story thatwas also entertaining, even though it was filled with moral lessons. Dantealso used this work to express his ….
  3. The Gospel According to St. Matthew and the Catholic Church
    This paper seeks to expound on salient features of the Gospel according to St. Matthew and the Catholic Church. The first part contains a discussion about the Gospel according to St. Matthew with a summary of its contents, a few comparisons with the ….
  4. Separation of Church and State in United States
    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. Who would have thought that a paragraph such as this would change the ….
  5. “The Church of Please Thank You”, Julie Traves
    In the article states that English is spreading rapidly and taking over not only the traditional languages but also the unique cultures. Though I concede that English is the key to be the “perfect businessmen and women”, I still insist that learning ….
  6. The Ten Commandments Controversy and the Separation of Church and State
    The state of being independent of church and state of one another is officially authorized. The decision-making or the decisions being made must not be intruded or must not influence by one of them. There are of two ideologies about the division of ….
  7. Contextual analysis of San Vitale Church
    Byzantine Empire started when the Roman Emperor Constantine moved the capital of Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium. Byzantine Architectures was really similar to Roman architecture, but got certain influences from Near East and used Greek cross ….
  8. Witch hunts and the church with bibliogaphy
    Many innocent women happily welcomed death by confessing to witchcraft in order to end their excruciating torture during the witch hunt craze between 1450 and 1750. Since many records were lost, destroyed or never kept, the best estimation of the ….
  9. The Church and Moral Authority
    The church acts as the moral authority to determine what is right and wrong based on certain circumstances. The official teaching of the church on these moral situations is called the magisterium. The magisterium consists of the bishops and the pope…..
  10. Analysis and Summary of Church Going
    “Church Going,” a poem of seven nine-line stanzas, is a first-person description of a visit to an empty English country church. The narrator is apparently on a cycling tour (he stops to remove his bicycle clips), a popular activity for British ….
  11. Baroque and Problems for the Catholic Church
    Many believe the term Baroque derives from the Portuguese word barroco, meaning an irregularly shaped pearl (Sayre 677). Originally, it was used in a derogatory manner with connotations of bizarre and strange, implying bad taste. Ironically, some of ….
  12. Role of Women in the Methodist Church
    Role of Women in the Methodist Church John Wesley the man behind the start of the Methodist church was ordained a deacon in 1725. He used to be a member of a bible club nicknamed bible moths and the methodical life lived by the members led them to ….
  13. Racism Blamed in Shock Wave of Church Burnings
    Racism Blamed in Shock Wave of Church Burnings, read the screaming headline in the New York Daily News. The South is Burning: A Rash of Torching at Black Churches Has Resurrected the Ugly Specter of Racism, chimed in the Toronto Star. Newsweek ….
  14. Dulles Models of the Church
    Compare and contrast any two Dulles models of the church suggesting one that might help the church today? There is five Avery Dulles models in which make up the Church today with a sixth be added later. It’s what’s make the Church up today. Each ….
  15. Symbolism of the Paralysis of the Irish Church in “Araby”
    From a speedy read through James Joyce’s “Araby. ” one may believe that it is a simple narrative about a male child and his first infatuation with a female. Upon a closer review. the spiritual symbolism becomes clearer as Joyce uses symbols ….
  16. Economic Equilibrium: Importance of a Church Budget
    A budget is an action plan for the ministry and therefore a very important part of your church’s overall financial health. A budget is a tool that assists the P. C. C in assessing parish operations and thus helps in sound decision making. The budget ….
  17. Secular Kings and the Church During the Crusades
    Crusades Leading up to the Crusades, secular kings and the church were constantly jockeying for superiority over one another. Kings status’s symbolically fluctuated constantly in the public eye by seemingly meaningless gestures. The Crusades, while ….
  18. Church and State in America
    For years Americans have been engulfed in what may be the greatest nationwide debate in the history of America. The separation of Church and State. For starters a few definitions should be made clear. Webster defines religion as ” a cause, principle ….
  19. Catholic Church vs Methodist Church
    As a child, I was quite confused about the concept of was believing in God and praying- nothing more, nothing less. As I grew older I realized the reason of my state of confusion- I was practicing was raised a Catholic while my father had been ….

✍ Church Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Catholic Church View on Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  2. Causes of the Reformation and Changes of the Church
  3. Chaucer’s Depiction of the Corrupt Church in the Canterbury Tales
  4. Christian Church as a Social Answer to Human Problems
  5. Christian Church History Coursework
  6. Christian Church Service in Personal Experience Report
  7. Christian Experience of San Francisco St. Patrick Church
  8. Christian Methodist Episcopal Church History Coursework
  9. Church & Dwight: Economy Factors Affecting Business Case Study
  10. Church and State Issues: Religious Pluralism
  11. Church and State Separated Term
  12. Church and Theological Concepts
  13. Church as a Social Institution
  14. Church Discipline and Restoration Research
  15. Church Going Research
  16. Church History: Judaism, Islam and Christianity
  17. Church in Exile and Ministry Environmental Analysis
  18. Church in Exile as a Reality of the Western World
  19. Church Leadership and Ministry Evaluation
  20. Church Leadership: Ethical Perspective and Positioning Essay (Critical Writing)
  21. Church Management System
  22. Church Mission and Postmodernism Essay (Critical Writing)
  23. Church of God
  24. Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
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Argumentative Essay Topics About Church

  1. Church Split During Middle Ages
  2. Church versus State: Antigone and Modern States Research
  3. Church Visit Reflection
  4. Church Visit: Issue of 21st Century Report
  5. Composing and Performing Church Music
  6. Controversial Topic Within Modern Catholic Church
  7. Corinth and the Church
  8. Corinthians I and Ii: an Overview of The Early Church
  9. Corruption of Government in Church
  10. Counseling in the Church
  11. Criticism of the Church in the Canterbury Tales
  12. Deacons and a Special Office in the Early Church Research
  13. Describing The Role Of Pastoral Leaders In Church
  14. Development Of the Medieval Church
  15. Development of the Renaissance Centralized Church Plan
  16. Did the Church Help Or Hinder the Progress of Medicine In the Middle Ages?
  17. Different Perspectives on the Birmingham Church Bombing
  18. Disciple Making Plan and Church Membership
  19. Domination, Church and Naacp
  20. Dominic: Light of the Church Reflection
  21. Doubt: Catholic Church and Father Flynn
  22. Eastern Orthodox Church and Its History Research
  23. Education in Jewish Church and Family Services Therapeutic Day School Term
  24. Effective Biblical Church Leadership

Good Essay Topics About Church

  1. Eusebius’ History of the Church from Christ to Constantine
  2. Evaluation of Maintenance Culture of Christian Cathedral Church Buildings
  3. Evangelism and Church Growth
  4. Evangelism Exploring a Missional Practice of the Church Essay (Book Review)
  5. Explain, with use to the Biblical and church teachings, what Christians believe about the “sanctity of human life.”
  6. First Baptist Church and Religious Society of Friends
  7. First Church Visit
  8. First Time in Church
  9. Fundamental Problems with the Catholic Church in 15th Century and How Martin Luther Faced Them
  10. Galileo vs. Church
  11. Galileo’s Defence and Roman Catholic Church Proposal
  12. Greedness and Church Marketing
  13. Hebrew Pentecostals Church
  14. Heretics and Early Christian Church Fathers
  15. History of Catholic Church
  16. Holy Trinity Orthodox Church and St. Ignatius Church Report
  17. Homosexuality and the American Baptist Church
  18. How church is good for the world?
  19. How Did Erasmus Use Folly to Criticize the Catholic Church
  20. How far do you agree that the church in England on the eve of the 16th centaury was in need of reformation?
  21. How important has the Institution of the Church been for African-Americans?
  22. How Moses The Raven is Used as a Representation of The Church in Animal Farm
  23. Idea of Hybrid Church by Dave Browning
  24. Image of the Contemporary Church Essay (Critical Writing)
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Persuasive Essay Topics About Church

  1. Importance of the church to African Americans
  2. Internal Factor Analysis of Church and Dwight’s Company
  3. Issues in Church and Sacraments
  4. Jan Van Eyck Madonna in the Church
  5. JIL Church Attendance Monitoring System
  6. Latin America and the Catholic Church
  7. Leadership Structure in the Local Church
  8. Lent History and Meaning in the Catholic Church
  9. London Church Furniture Report
  10. Managing Church Conflict
  11. Marketing the Church
  12. Martin Luther and Catholic Church
  13. Mary Magdalene: Christian Work of Early Women of the Church Essay (Article)
  14. Mary the mother of Jesus and the Catholic Church tradition
  15. Methodism and Church History
  16. Miracle of the Sun in the Catholic Church
  17. Missions of the Church of the Nazarene
  18. Mormonism – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  19. Mount Vernon Methodist Church in Baltimore Essay (Critical Writing)
  20. Multicultural Experience of Visiting a Church
  21. Myp Personal Project: Church in My Eyes
  22. Mystery Compositions in Church Music
  23. News for the Church
  24. Observations in the Local Church Report

⭐ Interesting Essay Topics About Church

  1. Origin of the Church History Through the Middle Ages
  2. Orthodox Church in China Term
  3. Orthopraxy and Leadership in the Church
  4. Overcoming Church Conflicts
  5. Paper Church Designed by Shigeru Ban
  6. Pentecostal Church Service: Elements and Features
  7. Persecution in the Early Church
  8. Philip Larkin’s Church Going
  9. Philosophers and the Church Doctrine
  10. Pope Francis and His Effect on the Roman Catholic Church
  11. Pope Gregory VII and His Attempts to Reform the Church
  12. Position of the Christian Church on Homosexuality Research
  13. Postmodernism and the Emergent Church
  14. Postmodernism in the Church Analysis Term
  15. Power of the Catholic Church in Brazil
  16. Practical Theology and Church Visitor’s Authority Concept Case Study
  17. Proliferation of Christian Church and Effectsand Problems in Society and Its Rerferences
  18. Protestant Reformation and the Western church Research
  19. Psychology Field Practicum at First Baptist Church of Anaheim Report (Assessment)
  20. Public Speaking at Church – Critique
  21. Reflection on Visiting Grace Gospel Church
  22. Reflective Report on Children Observation at Church
  23. Religion of the Founding Fathers and the Role of the First Amendment in the Separation of the Church and the State
  24. Religious Teachings: Carl Barth – Church Dogmatic Research
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