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Unilever Bangladesh, formerly Lever Brothers Bangladesh, has been conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities focusing on health, education, women empowerment, and climate change. Their voluntary activities include launching the Lifeboy Friendship Hospital, sponsoring nursing training programs, providing free health care facilities at the ‘Annual Kalurghat Health Camp,’ and introducing the ‘Global Handwashing Day.’ They are also emphasizing educational campaigns like working with the NGO Shathee Samaj Kalyan Samity for providing education facilities for children in Banani residential slum areas. Additionally, UBL is working on empowering women through initiatives like the Fair and Lovely foundation scholarship program and the project ‘Aparajita’ with CARE. The company has also collaborated with various NGOs to promote environmental care and awareness. Overall, their CSR activities have made a positive impact on the Bangladeshi people, contributing to the development of society while creating a positive image for Unilever in the competitive market.

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Unilever Bangladesh conducted their Corporate Social Responsibility activities as Lever Brothers Bangladesh in past. And they mainly focus their voluntary activities in three different segments. These are ‘Health-nutrition-hygiene’, ‘Education’ and ‘Women Empowerment’. They do some activities in climate change issues also. They said these activities as sustainability and responsible business practice. They conducted some movement about health care and launched ‘Lifeboy Friendship Hospital’ in 2002 with a modified floating oil tanker.

In 2006, they sponsored a two months nursing training program with Ma O Shishu General Hospital in Chittagong and though they already sets up a modern operation theater and advanced intensive care unit in 25 May, 2004 for high quality medical care for economically deprived section of the society. They launched a campaign named ‘Annual Kalurghat Health Camp’ to provide free health care facilities to people around Chittagong since 2007. In November 16, 2007 Unilever announced ‘Pepsodent-Bangladesh Dental Society Oral Health Day’.

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Lifebuoy worked with NGOs, governments and other companies to introduce the ‘Global Handwashing Day’, launched on 15th October 2008 in many countries including Bangladesh. They created Pepsodent Dentibus for giving free expert advice and dental checkup opportunities to the people and school children’s. For building nations future they emphasis on educational campaigns like working with an NGO named Shathee Samaj Kalyan Samity (SSKS) for giving education facilities for Banani residential slum areas children since January, 2005.

UBL volunteers also visit the school to show the importance of hygiene and health. The scholarship program by Fair and Lovely foundation was one such initiative that supported the dreams of talented women from economically disadvantaged families. In 2006, UBL jointly funded ‘Unilever Chevening Scholarship’ for a Bangladeshi national wishing to study in a university in the United Kingdom with the cooperation of British council. For women empowerment UBL was started pilot project ‘Joyeeta’ in August 2003, later on that leads to ‘Project Aparajita’ with CARE.

They also took some initiative like urban vocational training program in 2005 and scholarship program for women with Faria Lata Foundation and Uttorone Nari in 2003. UBL in collaboration with Tengamara Mohila Shabuj Shanga (TMSS) started a tree plantation program on 30th October 2009 for promoting environmental care and awareness. They made a huge positive impact to the mind of Bangladeshi people with their various campaigns of social works. By fair and lovely scholarship program 375 women got scholarship annually. They are working with SSKS for giving study facility to 300 slum children.

Over 10,000 people have cured by the Health camp out of which over 5000 ailing mothers and and free blood tests and 6000 patients received free eye treatment which surgery facility and 500 indoor patients can be treated in the Ma O Shishu General Hospital in Chittagong and also 275 000 people have been helped by the Lifeboy Frienship Hospital since 2001. Pepsodent Dentibus has reached 250,000 people per year with its facilities. They are contributing in health sector, education, climatic problem and women empowerment and these are the most vital issues of nowadays society.

So they created a positive atmosphere within general people especially rural people’s mind that they are socially responsible and their product are environmental friendly. Unilever Bangladesh works with various NGO’s; those are the helping hand of the poor people. As a leading company, their CSR activities are making positive perception about Unilever which is helping to create brand equity. These CSR activities are not only expressing their dedication for the society, but also to make their own place in the competitive market and stay the long time and create positive image about themselves. Their social activities are really appreciating.

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