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Compare to New England, Chesapeakes society. 2. Of the estimated 11 million slaves carried to America the great majority were sent were?. 3. The English rehearsal for settlelement in the New world by colonizing were?. 4. To resolve the problem of the vast expenses New World settlement required, English merchant-capitalists introduced the. 5. Indentured Services: 6. Puritan dissenter Roger Williams established the colony of 28) ______ A) Connecticut. B) Rhode Island. C) Maryland. D) New York. E) New Jersey. 7. A major turning point for blacks in England’s mainland colonies were in the early 18 centuries was what?. . The most significant factor that allowed large numbers of nomatic hunters to enter the heart of North America was? 9. In which one of the following colonies was the death rate for the early colonists the most severe? 10. After 1618, the Virginia colonists were allowed to elect a representative assembly known as the 11. The man who taught Virginians how to grow tobacco was 12. In Massachusetts Bay, “freeman status” was granted to adult males who ______ A) were married. B) were church members. C) were no longer indentured servants. D) owned land.

E) agreed to abide by the colony’s legal codes. 12. In Massachusetts Bay “freeman status” was granted to adult males who. (were church members) 13. From the beginning of colonization, Spain regarded her New World domain as primarily 14. The most advanced North American cultures appeared in which region of North America? 15. What Indians desired most upon encountering Europeans was? 16. The attitude of King James I toward tobacco 44) ______ A) was influenced by its religious usage. B) showed that, in the end, he valued revenue more than good health.

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C) was strongly influenced by his own habit of smoking. D) changed very little during the course of his reign. E) demonstrated his concern for the health of his people. 17. The portuguese explored West Africa searching for? 18. New England families were unique because of the presence of? 19. Initially, Lord Baltimore intended that Maryland be a haven for. 20. The first European nation to establish contact with sub-Saharan Africa was? 21. The labor system of Jamestown in its early years 22. During the colonial period the bulk of the slaves sent to the north American colonies were supplied by the? 3. A large number of the first english settlers in the Carolinas came from 24. The main staple of the Carolina colonies’ economy by the close of the seventeenth century was? 25. The eighteenth-century population of the lowlands of South Carolina was ________ percent black. 26. The colony of New Jersey’s main liability was 27. The ________ Company was responsible for the settlement of Jamestown in Virginia. 28. The men largely responsible for spains conquest of the new world were known as? 29. The Society created by puritans in New England? 30. The single greatest factor that caused the destruction of Native Americans after contact with Europeans was? 31. The Characteristics of the first English settlers in the new world. 32. Under the headright system in Virginia? 33. In the eighteenth century, which of the following colonies had the largest African-American population? 34. Lord Baltimore settlement in Maryland. 35. In which colonies were African Americans most able to preserve their identity. 36. By the late 1600s, the gap between rich and poor in white Chesapeake society A) remained unchanged. D) steadily widened.

B) could not be estimated. E) steadily shrank. C) was not commented on by contemporary chroniclers. 37. What 16th century European appeal had a profound empact upon englands settlement of the new world. 38. The most important reason for the difference between New England & Chesapeake colonies was based on? 39. Which of the following statements about west Africa during the era of the European slave trade is true? 40. Columbus originally was determined to prove that? 41. Aggressive Native American people who occupied the valley of Mexico when the Spanish arrived were? 42.

In the 1580 the English attempted to make a settlement at? 43. The Pilgrims, who left Holland to settle in America? 44. The first institution of higher learning founded in England’s mainland colonies was 45. Gullah, a creole language, was spoken on the Sea Islands of South Carolina and Georgia until 46. Which of the following were New England colony 47. The mission of the Spanish armada was? 48. Upon arriving in the New World English settlers? 49. The individual largely responsible for Maryland settlement was? 50. English settlers in 17th century . America could be characterized best in terms of there?

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