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Same Sex Marriages Becoming Legal

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Same Sex Marriages

Words: 1152 (5 pages)

Family life is evolving. The American family is a structure that is constantly changing to go along with the fast-paced world. Family time seems to be a thing of the past. Two-parent households are on the decline in the United States as divorce, remarriage and living together are on the rise (Pew research,2017)”. Additionally, families…

The Pursuit of Literacy by Malcolm X in Prison Studies and David Sedaris in Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Words: 547 (3 pages)

The narratives presented by both writers in “Prison Studies” and “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” both describe each author’s pursuit of literacy given different circumstances. In Sedaris’s account, he is illiterate in the French language, where Malcolm X struggles to learn English. Both are learning in a foreign environment, but places like France and prison…

The Rights of Prisoners With Mental Disorders

Bill of Right


The Us Constitution

Words: 681 (3 pages)

There are many issues we must face when discussing inmates with mental health disorders, there are many barriers which stand between our current application of Corrections within the United States, and a future of improving our society to provide proper medical and mental health care. Yet, understanding where we are at with treatment of inmates…

This Is Us Is an American Drama Television Series

Panic disorder

Words: 784 (4 pages)

A show that easily captivates an audience “This Is Us” is an American television show that depicts an extraordinary family of 5, with parents Jack and Rebecca raising twins and a trans-racially adopted son, who all happen to share the same exact birthday. One protagonist, Randall Pearson, who happens to be the adopted boy, is…

Substance Use Disorders and Food Addiction


Words: 1012 (5 pages)

Thus far, we have defined substance use/abuse as addiction, but we have not identified the type of addiction or substance used to achieve it. Addictions include an obsessive/compulsive desire for a substance, an obsessive/compulsive repetition of a behavior, or a combination of both. Behavioral addiction and substance addiction have a high rate of co-occurrence, suggesting…

Women and Substance Disorders


Words: 3039 (13 pages)

Throughout research there has been a direct correlation amongst women and the usage of substances and dependency. There have been many risk and protective factors that have been identified as to why women turn to illegal substances or remain abstinent. Studies show that as early as the 1800’s roughly 66%-75% of women were using opium…

Should Self-driving Cars be Legal Essay

Self Driving Cars

Words: 714 (3 pages)

Who is responsible for self-driving or autonomous vehicle deaths? Self-driving cars are where the driver of the car does not worry about driving. The driverless car sounds exciting in a variety of ways, but there are so many dangerous aspects we should be concerned about if we want it in our lives.90% of accidents are…

Should Self- driving Cars be Legal Argumentative Essay

Self Driving Cars

Words: 438 (2 pages)

Our group is researching about self- driving cars. It is an argument around the world about if they should be legal. In 2003, the first ever self- driving car actually came out. Since then its been the talk of the world. Some people argue that these futuristic cars will never benefit human life. Gas cars…

Drugs For Treat Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder

Words: 1351 (6 pages)

Introduction Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders in the United States. Millions of people suffer from anxiety every year. Unfortunately, only about 36% of those suffering receive treatment (Facts & Statistics, n.d.). Treatments for anxiety are typically forms of therapy and medication. For many years, alprazolam has been the drug of choice prescribed…

Psychological Treatment For Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder

Words: 481 (2 pages)

There are many factors that psychologists must look at to diagnose a person with a disorder. Jake was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder due to taking harder classes. Looking at the behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive approaches in Jake’s diagnosis, it will give a better understanding on why his anxiety was caused and what they can…

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