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A Mother Like No Other

All About Me

Words: 704 (3 pages)

The narrator in Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is Nick Carraway. From the beginning, Nick’s bias towards the people in his life and the situations he is placed in are present as he clearly gives his opinion and judgments on others when retelling his story. This type of narration is unreliable as we are…

Superheroes Need Each Other

Social Issues



Words: 1070 (5 pages)

Since the dawn of Superheroes, they have always been associated with fighting crime, protecting people, and furthermore bettering their communities while protecting their identities. Throughout their careers, they are faced with hardships and fighting different villains and scenarios each day. Villains, the ones who cause all this chaos and violence that is to be fought…

Differences Between Volunteering and any Other Trip

Benefits of Volunteering


Words: 994 (4 pages)

Take a risk and stop being afraid or making excuses, traveling is not about being just a tourist but instead is about experiencing true risk and adventure to eradicate the fears of your life. School and Travel Abroad Programs If you are currently a young adult attending a university you still have a great control…

Cheating on Significate Other


Words: 910 (4 pages)

Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock. In a relationship, it can literally break a person and make them feel completely worthless. Cheating on significate other can completely destroy the relationship. I did this once in a relationship, it was a really big mistake that I…

Establish an Understanding and Appreciation of Other Cultures

Study Abroad

Studying Abroad

Words: 1578 (7 pages)

College education has paved various railroad tracks for me. I have been venturing in every direction to learn how to thrive in college and seize the opportunities. I took my first steps towards my major by reaching out to a counselor to enroll in AP Computer Science A; then, transitioning to a community college. I…

Humans Desire is the Desire of the Other



Words: 1894 (8 pages)

It has become evident to me in the past few years that men, women and children alike are constantly on this quest for identity, always striving to become their own person unshackled by the bonds of society. We come in to the world, untouched and uninfluenced more or less like a clean slate. From the…

Beauty When the Other Dancer I Analysis


Words: 764 (4 pages)

Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the SelfThe narrative “Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self”, represents the specific story from Alice Walker’s autobiography, which had a great impact on her life. The story emphasizes how low-self esteem can effect person’s life. Alice Walker used to be a cute little girl at the age…

Computer Tips Everyone Should Know


Words: 771 (4 pages)

The blinking tag does not work in IE, it only works in Netscape, so dont try it. The multicol tag is only recognized by Netscape, not IE. Easy way to add background sound to web.When defragging hard drive, all running applications should be shut down. Networking computers, Must have crossover cables at end of host…

Computer Animation


Words: 1363 (6 pages)

Animation as an art form has been around for almost one hundred years. From the earliest days of hand drawn cels, individual pictures strung together, to the complex rendering of 3-D virtual worlds, animation packs peoples’ lives. Do you wonder how the computer-animated movies are made or want to become a computer animator? Computer Animation…

Computer Viruses: Methods of Detecting and Removing


Computer virus

Words: 788 (4 pages)

The quote “The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a lead-lined room with armed guards – and even then I have my doubts.”(E.H. Spafford) of this report will explain how computer viruses have affected on society and the security of personal computers. There literally hundreds of viruses circulating for…

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