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Visual Communication

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Faith and Visual Communication 1 Faith and Visual Communication Ruth Garcia CGD218 Frank Huber 07-11-2010 Faith and Visual Communication 2 Faith plays an integral part in humanity as it is what encourages us to improve the physical, spiritual, medical and economic conditions we face as humans. Faith influences our lives in more ways than we think. It makes up our character on a personal and social level as we relate to one another. Faith in practice is a powerful tool because it is a conscious act of the mind, heart and body to be in a state of expectancy.

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Visual Communication
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On a personal level I am in a state of expectancy of the living God the creator of this world. Faith by definition is the “ability to have confidence or trust in a person or thing” (Faith define faith). This ability to trust in a person or thing is what entices us to improve our physical, spiritual, medical and economic conditions. Faith can be visually communicated thru the use of signs, symbol, graphs, cartoons and images.

“We live in a world of things seen, a world that is visual, and we expend much of our physical and emotional energy on the act of seeing” (Berger A.

A. , 2008). Signs and symbols are a form of communication that conveys a message without the use of words. Faith signs and symbols ties one to their beliefs. We all make and use signs and symbols because it suits our visual nature to make sense of the world we live in. It is effective in that they need no words and yet gives information. The symbol of the cross has a great meaning to me as it serves to remind me of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to save man from their sins. Visual persuasion is described as a method that connects what we see to how we feel. Real-world vision is intimately connected with Faith and Visual Communication 3 emotion, which in turn, is tied to our functional needs as biological and social creatures” (Berger, A. A. 2008). Graphs and charts are often utilized in newspapers, magazines, and in the business world as they give visual information. It is sometimes difficult to prove how faith assists in healing of medical conditions. Charts play a pivotal role in proving that faith does improve one’s health. David Hall testifies that he was healed from HIV when he began to pray and have Faith that God could heal him.

When David was diagnosed with HIV a chart was taken of his T-Cells. The chart demonstrates how his T-cells improved once he began to exercise his faith in prayer (Russell, 2004). Complicated information is difficult to understand and requires the aide of an illustration that will get the point across visually and quickly. Berger states that “graphics such as bar charts, pie diagrams, tables and the like have the unique power to show relationships visually” (Berger, A. A, 2008). When utilized effectively, this form of visual communication will give easy to understand information.

It will also impress people by getting your point across quickly and visually. Berger states that the “comic book and cartoon have been so popular that they are extremely flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes” (Berger, A. A, 2008). With the use of cartoons faith is introduced to a younger audience. Cartoons such as Veggie Tales indoctrinate young minds with Faith and Visual Communication 4 Christian principles of Godly living. Morals and ethical teachings are emphasized in these animated films.

Comics such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman and The Hulk are stories of the hero’s overcoming the villains and the fight of good versus evil. Berger states that comics provide entertainment as well as for teaching purposes (Berger, A. A, 2008). Comic strips are utilized on the political agenda to convey messages to educate the reader of political and social injustices. Berger states that “in the case of political cartoons, which are often not meant to be funny, certain political figures” (Berger, A. A, 2008).

Visual communication is vital to give information to persuade the viewer in any direction. Sight is one of our senses and thru this means we are able to relate to our world. It is a means to gain information of the world around us. Faith is affected by this sense in that we see signs, symbols, cartoons, comics and statistical information thru the use of graphs and charts that relate to Faith. The power of visual communication and its relationship with our mental state is what helps influences us to make the improvements in our physical, spiritual, medical and economic conditions.

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