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Communication: cognitive dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance


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The origin of cognitive dissonance theories is frequently attributed to the writings of the American social psychologist Leon Festinger. Festinger (1957) described the experience of cognitive dissonance as resulting from a need for psychological consistency that follows a “non-fitting relation among cognitions” (Festinger, 3) that exists between pairs of elements. Elements refer to cognition, which…

Spider Diagram About Communication in Schools



Words: 383 (2 pages)

Difference between children and adults| Children| Adults| Not slang – would be inappropriate| Can use slang| Adapted to their level- might not understand| Can use irony and jokes| Informal – as its easier to understand| Formal or informal depending on the person| Down to their physical level| Can use more complicated vocabulary| Specific Tone of…

Communication conflict


Words: 882 (4 pages)

SITUATION:  I had been saving for a new mobile phone for the past three months, and when I finally got myself my dream phone, I was ecstatic. I gave it my tender, loving, care and got a new phone case and really did not let other people touch it. You might say, I was obsessed…

Horizontal Communication


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                                               Horizontal Communication Managers communicate downward to subordinates more frequently than they communicate upward to superiors. This is because the type of communication that exist between the managers and their employees or subordinates include transmission of cogent information, giving directives on how to achieve organizational goals, declaring the decision(s) made by the Board of directors…

Reasons for Communication


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The grounds why people communicate is to ( a ) express demands ( B ) to portion thoughts ( degree Celsius ) to construct relationship and socialise ( vitamin D ) to inquire inquiry and portion experience 1. 2HOW COMMUNICATION AFFECTS RELATIONSHIP IN THE WORK SETTING communicating affects relationship at work topographic point e. g….

Computer Mediated Communication




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Abstract: Previous research on the interpersonal effects of computer-mediated communication (CMC) reveals inconsistencies. In some cases CMC has been found to be impersonal, task-oriented, and hostile. Other reports show warm personal relations, and still others show gradual adjustments in interpersonal relations over time. The past research results are also difficult to compare, as their research…

Communication Problem


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Communication Problem 1. What communication problems did you experience or observe during the exercise(s)? How can the applicable concepts from the reading be applied your analysis (see “Learning Objectives” above)? Provide examples from the exercise(s) or the debrief(s) to support your responses.             The group experienced problems in communicating each other’s opinions and ideas. It…

Power and Communication Essay


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Power and Communication Language discrimination has been prevalent in society for thousands of years. This has been something that happens in every civilization and will not stop now. Language discrimination is unfair treatment of an individual by the way that they compose themselves in a verbal matter. What I mean by this is to treat…

Miscommunication Incident Sample


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In our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life we communicate with each other. Communication is the flow of thoughts and information from one individual to another or to a group. Effective communicating occurs when receiving system understands the exact thought and information that the transmitter has transmitted. But sometimes miscommunication occurs which is failure to…

Qualitative Research Critique: Retrospective Perception of Difficult Communication


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The article “Patient Real time and 12 month retrospective perception of difficult communication in the cancer diagnostic period” is written by Throne, S. , Armstrong, E. , Harris, S. R. , Hislop, G. , Kim-Sing, C. , Oglov, J. L. , Oliffe, J. L. , & Stajduhar, K. L. through a naturalist setting. This article…

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