What is human nature?

People have different understandings about the term ‘Human Nature”. Most of us don’t even think about it much, but never the less we often use it to explain some things people do. Why do we use it and what do we mean by it?

In my understanding ‘human nature’ is a part of all of us. It is something we are all born with. It’s the things a man does, not because the society he grew up in taught him to do so and not because his grandfather was a scientist, but because he is only human and it is in his nature.

Human nature includes a lot of things. Starting from simple things like needing to go to the toilet or needing to eat and up to the emotions that we feel and the actions we do feeling these emotions.

If we were to use this term without the word ‘human’ and leave only the word ‘nature’, then we would have the overall understanding of the nature of all the living creatures on Earth. What they are like and what is their nature, and because human beings are undoubtedly a part of that, it is first of all in our nature to survive, to continue with our living, to provide ourselves food and shelter. However, it is only human beings who aspire a better living. That is one of a number of things that differ us from all the other animals on the planet, and makes us what we are today.

It is also in human nature to feel things. Feeling love, hate, pain, regret and many other feelings is what a normal person does every day, and it all comes from the persons nature. Certainly these feelings have a natural pattern or way of developing one into another. Love leads to jealousy, which in it’s turn develops hate and further – pain and regret. Of course, in a very small way these feelings are influenced by the atmosphere the person grew up in, by the society and stereotypes, but still it all is originated by nature.

Naturally too, all people have their own weaknesses, making mistakes through out their lives, sinning – is all a part of our nature. However, there are some weaknesses we can consider to be a part of human nature and some that are developed only through the process of living in a society and being put under it’s influence. For example, if a person was a little too selfish, one would say: “Oh, that’s just human nature showing it self brighter then should be”, but if a person was a drug addict then one would never be able to explain it by saying that it’s in his nature. This weakness would have to be explained by other reasons which are mostly connected to the stereotypes that some groups of people have.

But then again it is in human nature to belong to one of these groups to survive, because one can not survive alone in the world. Surviving in these groups also needs some effort, and of course not with out the help of our nature. Being greedy is also in us originally, in some people more, in others – less.

Another very important aspect that makes our nature very different and ‘human’ is the fact that we can think and analyze. Our scientific studies of Earth shows that human being are the only creatures that can do this. It is in human nature to have an opinion on something and argue for it. People can have their arguments about anything and everything. It is also in the nature of most of us to express the arguments we have, our opinions.

Like most of the things that I have listed above, this ability to have an opinion is something that we’ve had for a very long time and probably we are not going to lose it.

That’s is what is human nature. Things that humans have from mother nature. The things that we will keep having no matter what the moralities or generally accepted principles are, things that are not influenced by the society or our friends and family. The things that we have inside from the first second we are born. Thing that were given only by nature and only to human beings.

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