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Young Women of Malolos

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To The Young Women of Malolos ISSUES tackled: 1. Inequality between man and women. 2. Slavery done by the Spaniards because of ignorance. 3. Fraud religious believes brought by the friars.

4. The role of mothers in the family. 5. Tyranny of some because of the cowardice and negligence on the part of others. 6. Unreligious acts of the friars towards the Filipinos. 7. Education not given to other Filipinos by the Spaniards. 8. Abuse of the Spaniard because of the hospitality of the Filpinos. Reaction

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Young Women of Malolos
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Rizal’s letter to the Malolos young women is his way of recognition for them as brave Filipinas who are no longer blinded by the fraud religious believes brought by the friars. Rizal even though a young fellow believe that they would listen to his advises because not by the wrinkles in his face a person is known to be experienced. Under his letter he mentioned about our own freedom as individual human beings that we must have our own judgement of what is right and wrong.

As a young lady soon to be a mother of her sons and daughters would set as an example to her children.

As the saying goes a fruit would grow the same as of its tree. Women are fragile and can be easily influence because of ignorance and lacked of knowledge of her rights. The friars take advantage of the kindness and meekness of this youth and brag about it with its fellow Spaniards. If only the Filipinas were like the women of Spartan who have power over their men, maybe no one would dare to touched or harassed a woman. Rizal wanted to make his people open their eyes and to avoid ignorance of freedom.

Ignorance is the cause of slavery during their time and this is what we must not let to happen again. He did not want its people to live without a religious belief but he just wants them apprehend not to be deceived by the exploitations done by the friars under their robes. The teachings made must be put into action not just in words. As for the women, we must have the equal rights same as of a man. Believe to be mothers in the future must raise their children in the right way because I do believe that the youth is the hope of the nation.

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