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20th century art short s

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20th century art short essays


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20th century art short s
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            Dadaism resented the ravages of World War I.  The visual artists who joined the Dada Movement created art that is in defiance of the standards of art.  As a means to react to societal changes, Dadaism could be likened to the stuckism movement founded in England years back by figurative painters who defies the art of the postmodern times are


            Surrealism is a movement that attempted to put to reality images conceptualized in dreams.

  In the art movement of today, surrealism could be connected to the movement of toyism.  This modern day art considers objects to have meanings and can represent a story.


            Abstract expression revolutionized directions in art as artists scaled their works that reflect their personal psyches, dwelling on their inner sources.  Modern art expresses outside of traditional sources of subjects, as it veers away from just what the eyes could see, as abstract expressionism dwells on.  Postmodern art as broadly contradicting modern art, likewise defies abstract expressionism in such a way that traditional means of producing art is being espoused.

            The modernist principle tied up with abstract expressionism would be more suitable in expounding an artist’s ability to illustrate his art:  as his inner feelings and thoughts can be stretched to immeasurable limits and definition


            An art form that imbibes snippets of influence from Dadaism, Futurism, Minimalism – installation art illustrates that time and space are the better of art expression as it creates ensemble or pieces of objects to create a whole.

            Huang Yongping created “Indigestible Object” in 1992.  Tons of rice grains were spread in the floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy.  As the rice represents Eastern culture, the grains not boding well on the floor of Western museum, this piece prove that Eastern and Western culture experience difficulty in assimilation and digestion.


            As it positions itself to destruct the concept of what contributes to the holistic mankind (such as faith and purpose), deconstructive post modernism portrays the baselessness of values.  Rap music to some degree creates lyrics that are anti-social, anti-value, anti-ethics.


            Worldview is being reinvented in reconstructive postmodernism wherein art tends to become responsible for the destiny of life and the earth.  It solves the trend of disillusionment and pessimism through empowered vision.  From the mild to stern resentments of modern day, pop culture art, it is this reconstruction that will present to man a sense of hope.  Literary artists and journalists and movies would be the better medium to bring out this sense of grace and hope.

Work Cited:

20th Century Art.  Visual Arts.  Art and Culture


            (accessed 10 February 2009)

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