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A Beautiful Mind Essay

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“A Beautiful Mind” lays out the story of mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr. as he enters Princeton and his lifelong struggles with his mental illness. He was so different compared to his colleagues. He doesn’t try to fit in with his fellow Princeton colleagues, and he understands he isn’t much liked. He is a loner and is not a social type of person. But one connection he made with was with his roommate, Charles. On the first part of the movie, it shows the mathematical life of John Nash but on the later part, we see the devastating impact of his mental illness to his brilliant mind.

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When Nash was working as a teacher at MIT, he met Alicia Larde, her student, and got married with her. Meanwhile, the U. S. government asked his help to break codes which soon gets him involved in a terrifying conspiracy plot. Whenever Nash looks at newspapers, he could see codes which made him popular and in great demand to work for the government.

Whenever he breaks a code, he would send it to a house and place it in a mailbox. But one day, people came after him and his friend from the US government, William Parcher, and started shooting them.

Nash became paranoid. He would always look at the windows, turn off the lights at their house, but would never tell Alicia, who was pregnant at that time, the reason behind this. At MIT, he met Charles who was with Marci, Charle’s niece. He was about to tell Charles what happened but during Nash’s speech, a psychiatrist took him to the mental hospital. At the office of the psychiatrist, Nash was looking at Charles. He was blaming and accusing him of being responsible for being brought to that hospital. But… Charles was not there.

Who did Nash saw? Who was he talking to? No one. Nash was having hallucinations and delusions. The military thing, code breaking, Charles, Marci and Parcher existed in Nash’s mind only. Because of this, he was confined to the hospital and was treated. Alicia was always beside Nash. Years later, Nash lived together with his wife and his son. Alicia gives him his medication everyday believing that Nash is getting better. But one day in an empty house, Alicia discovered that Nash was back to his code breaking work and delusions again.

And so, Nash was admitted again to the hospital. After 2 months, Nash went to Princeton to study. He could still see and hear Charles, Marci and Parcher but tries to ignore them. His family willed him to get well and function normally. Despite the struggles from the mental illness he had, he still managed to stand up. He proved his love for mathematics, began teaching students again and socializing with them. And a great achievement he had because of his brilliant mind was winning the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994.

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