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History of Philippine Fashion



Words: 1742 (7 pages)

Introduction For several centuries, during the colonial period, the Philippines has been severely immersed in foreign influences particularly by Spain, Japan and America. Consequently their culture, lifestyle, customs and fashion sense has been mainly defined by influences from these countries as well. However, before the colonization, Philippines has yet to establish its own identity; thus…

Industrial Revolution Fashion


Industrial Revolution

Words: 2151 (9 pages)

Industrial People, Industrial Fashion Karsen McKinney History 112: Origins of the Modern World April 17, 2013 Debates are still raised about whether or not the positive outcomes of the Industrial Revolution were worth the struggles faced during the time period. Fashion reflects its time period; therefore, by looking at the fashion of a time one…

Zara Fast Fashion Case Study Solution


Words: 4678 (19 pages)

With which of the international competitors listed in the case is it most interesting to compare Inditex’s financial results? What do comparisons indicate about Inditex’s relative operating economics? Its relative capital efficiency? Even though H&M follows a strategy which differs significantly from Inditex’s approach it is the closest competitor from the financial point of view….

ZARA – Pest analysis




Words: 1525 (7 pages)

“The wonderful thing about fashion is it will always do the opposite of what you think,” said James Aguiar, co-host of the “Full Frontal Fashion,” a television program.United States of America is one of the growing markets for fashion retailing. The fashion industry in United States is worth US$250 billion with over 4 million people…

Women’s fashion in the 1920s



Words: 1259 (6 pages)

There had been tremendous changes in women’s fashion in the first 20 years of the 20th century. Reasons included the number of women going out to work. This had led to the introduction of the suit for women’s day wear.. During the First World War many women had taken over men’s jobs, at least for…

Hippie Movement in Fashion Industry


Words: 2513 (11 pages)

Fashion and clothing styles are a reflection of people’s attitudes and times. As a matter of fact, this also holds true for the 1960s era. The youth culture was taking strong hold in that era as the ‘baby boomers’ were now grown. This era is known for the social change in every aspect of life…

Exploring Surrealism In Fashion Fashion



Words: 4272 (18 pages)

You merely have to take a glimpse at today ‘s catwalks and manner magazines to see the unmistakable traits of Surrealism in manner. How is it so that an art “ ab initio composed of constructs and words and later of images generated in the complexnesss of the mind and subconscious imaginativeness ” ( Martin…

The Importance of Fashion in Modern Society


Modern Society

Words: 712 (3 pages)

When you think of the word fashion, what do you think? Do you think about outrageous runway outfits? Cocktail dresses? Tracksuits? Whatever your impression of fashion, it is obvious that fashion plays an important role in today’s society. We are judged by our clothing and appearance on an everyday basis, so why not make the…

Sadakalo Fashion House Straytegic Concept


Words: 3210 (13 pages)

The place with a Difference History SadaKalo, one of the most renowned fashion houses in the country, solely relies on two colors black and white, just as its name implies. Their boutique insists on presenting apparel and accessories in only these two shades, giving them a unique edge over other fashion houses. Recently, we sat…

The Change in Style of Dress in Modern World


Words: 614 (3 pages)

It is quite evident as you walk around the streets of almost any city or town in America that the line between what was once considered the black style of dress and the white styles has become less and less evident. This is especially true with the younger kids in junior high and high school….

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What is fashion in simple words?
: a popular way of dressing during a particular time or among a particular group of people. : the business of creating and selling clothes in new styles. : clothes that are popular. Read More:
Why fashion is important in our life?
On a larger scale, fashion is important because it represents our history and helps to tell the story of the world. ... Clothes help to keep people ready for whatever they may face in life but fashion keeps up with the current crazes and changes that we all face so that we're ready for whatever life throws our way. Fashion is how you carry yourself in society without wearing anything trendy. It is how you attempt to make yourself look flawless even without any make-up. It helps you in revealing your true identity. Read More:

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