A Grand Old Party in Panic

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A Day’s Wait The Authors F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway are both writers of the mid 1920s and mid 1950s. Both evolved from the same literary time and place, but both created their readings in two very different literary styles. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Outside the Cabinet Maker and Ernest Hemingway’s A Day’s Wait are two perfect examples of how their works differ as well as have some similarities. Two distinct similarities that Hemingway’s A Day’s Wait and Fitzgerald’s Outside the cabinet makers have are the way both were written.

Some of the differences are the ideas they used for the story line, as well as their literary styles. Both Stories, a Day’s Wait and Outside the Cabinet Makers, share some similarities but also share some differences. One of the differences these two readings have is the ideas that the authors used for their story line. A Days Wait signifies “the boy’s misunderstanding leading to many changes in his own mind. ” The idea of Hemingway’s story is to show the bond of a father and son Natasha 2 through the son being sick.

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While in Outside the Cabinet Makers signifies “the young girl’s youth and no change in her own mind. ” The Idea of Fitzgerald’s story is to show the father and daughter bond through the father and daughter making up a sill little fairytale. As well, another difference between the two author’s works is their literary styles. Hemingway had a very distinctive style; his style lacked substance because he liked to avoid direct statements and description of emotion. For example, in A Day’s Wait he didn’t go in to detail about the boy’s emotions/feelings he wrote: “his face was white, and he walked slowly s though it ached to move. ”

While Fitzgerald’s style was also very distinctive; his writing was very descriptive writing, it was always filled with imagery. An example of this would be in Outside the Cabinet Makers Fitzgerald went into very descriptive detail about the fathers feelings: “The man was old enough to know that he would look back to that time–the tranquil street and the pleasant weather and the mystery playing before the child’s eyes, mystery which he had created” These are both perfect examples of how their literary styles in their writing differ Natasha 3 Finally, although Hemingway’s A Day’s Wait and Fitzgerald’s Outside the Cabinet Makers share many differences they do share one similarity which is the way both readings were written. Both stories were written in short story form from a father’s point of view. While yes they do, differ in their literary styles their styles were also similar because of the story line they both decided to use which was to show the bond between a father and his child.

In conclusion, both of the writer’s F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway share many similarities, but within these similarities there are differences that both have. Both Fitzgerald and Hemingway have very distinctive literary styles, but while they have distinctive writing styles they also share a common ideas/story line. As seen through their short stories A Days Wait written by Ernest Hemingway and Outside the Cabinet Makers written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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