The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Essay

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Company Background: The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

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The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is one of the most prominent hotels in the United States and is strategically located in the southern strip of Las Vegas City. The hotel has been structured on a 43-acre land with an estimated 17 hectares of coverage, which includes 5000 plus guest rooms opened (“History of MGM Las Vegas Hotel,” n.

d.). As such, the opening of MGM Grand Hotel on the fifth day of December 1973 has become a significant event in the history of Hospitality Management Industry as it is renowned to as the world‘s biggest establishment for hotel from the past up to the present in the entire United States (“History of MGM Las Vegas Hotel,” n.d.).

Moreover, the institution of MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has set new levels of standard and has elevated the definition of luxury to the next level, with regard to quality first class experience in the entire hospitality industry, specifically in hotels and resorts.

Hence, the hotel and resort company is known for its excellence in satisfying the ever changing taste of their visitors from different countries in light of their services and state-of-the-art facilities (“MGM Grand Hotel/Casino” n.d.).

In addition to this, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is also one of the most popular establishments in the entire Las Vegas City when it comes to entertainment and a perfect lodging for leisure trips (“MGM Grand Hotel/Casino” n.d.). Aside from luxurious rooms and top-of-the line customer service, the MGM Hotel also has its world-class theatres which have become a home for international quality presentations (“MGM Grand Hotel/Casino” n.d.).

Company Scope and Mission

            In a sense, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino caters to different areas of customer service and provides their visitors and customers a wide range of choices to do during their stay in the hotel. As such, the hotel is very well capable of attending to the needs of their customers in light of the varieties of service and facilities the company has. Likewise, visitors and customers of the hotel are provided with a number of preferences to make from relaxation, recreation and up to entertainment.

            Moreover, apart from just providing their customers and visitors a place to stay and spend their time off, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino also provides their customers various amenities such as the Grand Spa & Health Club wherein the customers can enjoy and relax together with the Swimming Pool, Casino and Theatres that are all indeed likely to satisfy the cravings of their visitors with regard to profound leisure experience and enjoyment.

            Moreover, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is considered as a big player in the hospitality management wherein the company has its reputation of having a strong economic stability. As such, this statement is supported by the fact that company has recorded an all-time record high in their net revenue of $442.9 million in the first quarter of the year 2000.

            It has become the constant mission of the hotel to provide quality and luxurious accommodation services for the tourists and locals. Likewise, there is the image of a brand that serves as a one-stop shop in entertainment and leisure.

            In the end, with the above written facts and information about the MGM Grand Hotel, it is evident that the company is one of the strongest and most competitive organization in the entire hospitality industry. As such, the writer perceived that the like of MGM Grand Hotel is a perfect place to work and establish a career in hotel industry. Hence, managerial positions like operations and administrative positions are perceived to be a great opportunity for future career plans the writer intended to achieve.


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