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A Raisin in the Sun – Character’s reactions to con Essay

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flictsThroughout A Raisin in the Sun even the characters are faced with various conflicts, the inheritance, the new house, and the liquor store. In these conflicts all of the characters react in a different way. Walter reacts by giving in, Beneatha reacts by being selfish, and Mama reacts by being generous. They all react in a unique way, which is shown by examples in the play.

Walter is one of those people that thinks that money will solve every problem. His main thought in life is that money is happiness.

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A Raisin in the Sun – Character’s reactions to con
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For every conflict there is a solution and that is money. The liquor store for example he risks it all in a small hope that the store will come through and he will make lots of money. Walter constantly strives for new schemes to solve his everyday problems. Such as in the beginning of the play where he drinks to try and make it all go away. Walter does not stand strong in facing his conflicts.

Walter’s reaction to conflict can probably be summarized into one thing, and that is that he gives in to its pleasure.

Beneatha is unlike the rest of the family, and seeks to confront conflicts by being selfish, and only thinking of herself. She strives to be unlike the rest of the family to set herself apart, which is why she wants to be a doctor so badly. Every solution to every conflict is to face it alone, getting help from anyone is a set back to her wanting to be and individual. Even when a solution to a conflict can be reached she will not take it because she just wants more. For example when George wants to marry her, money isn’t enough and when Asagai offers her love that is not enough. Beneatha is one of those people who will never be satisfied with something that is too good to be true. For Beneatha the conflict his her own selfishness.

Mama is the typical, wise, and caring elder. Contrary to Beneatha, Mama seeks to give, rather than to receive. Mama reacts to conflicts by giving to the people who caused them. When Walter spent all the money on the liquor store she gave him the lecture that he needed which brought together the entire family. While her conflicts are important, other people’s conflicts are more so. Mama sees a solution to most conflicts by giving and the rest of her conflicts by the help of the lord. Mama does not seek help from other’s like Walter nor does she try to face conflicts on her own like Beneatha. She instead stands on her own two feet and knows when to ask for help at the same time. Mama is the leader of the house for a reason. Her wisdom goes past making money or standing out from the crowd.

Every character in A Raisin in the Sun reacts to conflicts in their own unique way, and finds a resolution by their own means. That is what makes this play so interesting. Conflicts are what separate the characters, and also bring them closer together. Each reaction brings about a new hope, and disappointment for everyone in the play.

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