The Importance of Life: Why We Should Value Every Human Life

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Almost everyone in the world today agrees that life is an important thing. Although most people agree that life is important, I think that many people don t abide with this policy. By having abortions, mothers are devaluing human life.

By having an abortion, the mothers are not showing everyone that they think life is important. I think that God meant for us not to have abortions because it makes many references in the Bible. The purpose of this essay is to show that abortions are morally wrong. The acceptance of abortion seems to be constantly rising.

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Many current statistics and surveys prove that.It is an astonishing fact that … forty-three percent of American women will have an abortion in their lifetime, if current rates sustain (Waldman 20). The abortion rate today is approximately 1. 5 million a year.

Around eighty-two percent of people who have abortions are unmarried or separated. Surprisingly, less than one percent of abortions are the result of rape. Many women regret having abortions and wish they would ve let their child live. Still, others are relieved.

Many people believe that abortion is not morally wrong. These people don t believe that a fetus is a human being.They also believe that a mother has a right to choose what goes on with her body. These people are said to be pro-choice, because the right for a mother to chose is their main argument.

There are also some special cases in which pro-choicers believe that abortions are acceptable. One of these special cases is when the mothers life is in danger. There are many cases in which a doctor believes that going through a pregnancy and child birth could result in the mothers death. Another case in which pro-choicers believe abortions are permittable is when a baby, if born, will have severe birth defects.

The mother feels that her child should not have to endure the constant physical and emotional pain that their child would be put through. Lastly, another argument of the pro-choicers is in the event of rape. Rape is a serious issue, but I have found through research that abortion is rarely the result of rape. On the other side of the argument people who are said to be pro-life believe abortions are wrong and they should not be allowed.

Pro-lifers call abortion infanticide, the murdering of a child, because human lives are being taken. They claim that to a mother abortions are unpleasant, humiliating, and painful.Some abortions can also do damage to a woman s reproductive system. Recently connections have been made between abortions and some forms of cancer.

Despite all of this abortions are also expensive. Lastly, an abortion breaks a mother s heart in that they feel guilty for taking their child s life.Is abortion really just a justified form of killing? Sometimes it seems that way. Surgeon Richard Selzer describes his experience in an article titled What I Saw at the Abortion Clinic He described the abortionist sliding the needle of the syringe into the woman s belly and he writes, I see omething other than expected here … it is the hub of the needle that is in the woman s belly that has jerked.

First to one side. Then to the other. Once more it wobbles, is tugged, like a fishing line nibbed by a sunfish (Selzer- as cited by Mathews-Green www. abortioninfo.

com). One form of abortion that happens is the killing of handicapped babies. Because the babies are handicapped they justify the killing. In a way, performing this process, doctors are telling mothers that their children s lives are worthless.

Some doctors say this because they do not want to treat handicapped babies.We should know just as we are taught that no one s life is more important than anyone else s. Abortion is a devaluing of human life. Sometimes after an abortion a mother finds out just how valuable their children s live s would have been.

Most women who choose to let their child live find out that they have made a good decision. Human life is a very sensitive subject, and many people do not want to talk about something that borders on the taking of it. Altogether, whether abortion really is murder or not depends on one s view of when human life begins. Religion and the Bible have a lot to do with my beliefs on abortion.

Many things are in the Bible about life, murder, and abortion. One thing that the bible makes clear about abortion is that the soul of a child is present at conception. The Bible also says the God is the creator of all life, and that the purpose of human life is to worship our creator. Abortion denies this purpose.

It also shows disrespect to God and the things that religion and the Bible teach us. Abortion destroys the life of a human being who will never get the chance to become adopted by God. To anyone who understands religion and the Bible, the best argument against abortion is plainly, God says abortion is wrong.In conclusion, I hope more and more people will begin to realize that abortions are morally wrong.

There are countless reasons for a mother to spare the life of her child. All of all of the physical and emotional problems caused by abortion should be enough in itself to keep a mother from choosing this direction. We all need to play an active role in showing others that we believe life is an important thing. Since most of us agree that life is important, let s stop having abortions so we are not taking away what God gave to us.

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