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An Argument Essay about Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Argumentative Essay


Words: 1230 (5 pages)

            The population of illegal immigrants in the United States is growing in number. An estimate of their total population in 2006 was published based under the context that illegal immigrants are born in a foreign land that are not considered as citizens and legal inhabitants of the country. According to the study, the country…

30 Days Immigration Short Summary


Words: 277 (2 pages)

After watching the 30 Days Immigration, I would define it as a good reality show. Why I say that? It is because the videos were addressing the social issue—immigration just at a right point. The man who lived in the immigrant’s house was really surprised me since he was acting completely different from the beginning…

Immigration in the Kite Runner


Words: 574 (3 pages)

There are many challenges that immigrants must face when they move to a new foreign country, which in turn leads them to experiencing various hardships. After applying and, hopefully, being accepted into a country such as Canada, one of the biggest challenges that they face is language barriers. Learning to communicate with other people, who…

American Immigration


Words: 358 (2 pages)

American Immigration LawsBouncers at the BorderCasey Abay”Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” These are the words inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty, which…

Immigration and Motherhood


Words: 962 (4 pages)

Women’s who immigrate to the U.S. had become a big issue for America, especially because they come to rebirth, which brings a lot of kids but also a lot of problems for example: Most of the U.S. citizens or legal aliens who work and make average money for the family it is hard to receive…

Argument about immigration Argumentative Essay


Words: 307 (2 pages)

            There are many concerns regarding immigration today.  Some of these involve the increased illegal immigration that is happening, while others involve the economic impact that immigration has on not only the immigrants home country but in the United States as well.  Those who believe that the immigration laws should be relaxed often argue that…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Refugee Movements Sample


Social Issues


Words: 2051 (9 pages)

Mass population motions were a major characteristic of the twentieth century ; armed struggles have progressively targeted civilians and led to implement migration. No country of the universe has been spared – from Indonesia to Sierra Leone. Bosnia to Nicaragua – organizing groups of people that we now called Refugees. A Refugee is person who…

Immigration policy



Words: 955 (4 pages)

An immigration policy is any law of a state that explains the movement of people across its borders into the state. It especially deals with those who wish to stay and work in the country (Hollifield, et al. , P. 12). Each state has different immigration policies that range from very strict rules to very…

“Migrant Hostel” and “Feliks Skrzynecki”





Words: 643 (3 pages)

Demonstrate how alienation is a key theme in both Migrant Hostel and Feliks Skrzynecki. Textual evidence must be used in your response. Belonging is an extremely complex and intangible concept based upon one’s perception of themselves and the world around them. Through reading and breaking down these two poems, Migrant Hostel and Feliks Skrzynecki by…

Five Myths about Immigration – a summary of david cole’s view


Words: 923 (4 pages)

Author David Cole explains In “Five Myths about Immigration” that people are misinformed about immigrants in America and blame them for all the problems in the American society. Cole comments that the “Native Americans”, which have nothing to do with what we call Native Americans today, were labeled as “Know- Nothings” because they simply did…

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Everything you need to know to write a perfect Essay on Immigration

How to Write an Immigration Essay

The ever-increasing immigration of individuals has been aided by a number of factors. The main contributing elements are population pressure and resource constraint. Immigration has become a contentious issue that rarely goes unnoticed in the media.

As a result, scholars have incorporated the issue of immigration into their studies. This niche has been embraced by schools for both elementary and secondary students. We wouldn’t be discussing it here if that weren’t the case.

Immigration Essay Topics

  • History of immigration
  • Merits and demerits of the process
  • Legal and Illegal Immigration in the US
  • Canada’s Immigration
  • Should America Restrict Immigration
  • Poverty as a Reason for Immigration
  • Effect of immigration on the society
  • Whether immigrants feel welcomed in their new country and why
  • Immigration Laws
  • Immigration into the United States
  • Life of the Immigrants
  • How immigration is impacting educational institutions
  • Racial implications of immigration

The Structure of an Immigration Essay Paper

You must adhere to a specific format in order for the reader to efficiently move through your paper. An outline for an immigration essay must be developed and structured. Do you have any reservations about doing so?

Here’s a rundown of the key aspects that should be included in such an argumentative essay:

1. Provide an overview

Your article’s introduction serves as a landing page. If the runway is rutted and full of potholes, the reader’s gaze will be drawn to a different landing page.

Make sure you grab the reader’s interest in the first paragraph to entice them to read the rest of the essay. By giving a substantive background, you can use statistics or historical knowledge to usher in your content.

At this time, the thesis statement should be introduced. It explains what will be discussed in the body of the essay.

2. The human body

Have you ever considered becoming a doctor? So, today, I’ll make you one. We wish to do a quick physical assessment of our bodies. Which of the following constitutes the majority of the body: the head, torso, arms, and legs? It’s all about the torso.

The writer has a lot to do with the body of an essay about immigrants. You must define some words, provide proof, and describe the various explanations.

Make sure you highlight the significant concerns and focus on the aspects that strengthen your case.

3. Final thoughts

Summarize and emphasize the facts in your essay’s conclusion by summarizing the positions given in the body. It would be helpful if you provided answers to the problems that arise from immigration-related issues in this section.

Free Tips for Writing an Immigration Essay

Here are some free suggestions for writing an engaging immigration essay that will make an impression on the reader:

  1. Choose a specific study topic.
  2. Have a thesis outline prepared.
  3. Choose one aspect of the given topic to discuss.
  4. Consider the research topic.
  5. Have facts and evidence to back up your claims
  6. At the conclusion, proofread your essay.

Some Remarks On Immigration Essay Writing

That’s all there is to it! I hope you found the information useful and that it will serve as a springboard for creating your next great immigration opinion essay.

Give it a shot right now to discover how much your essay writing abilities have improved as a result of this post. Best wishes!

In the United States and other countries, professional writing aid is available for creating immigration essays.

Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration

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How can I write immigration?
Use the letter to introduce yourself, your address, and your immigration status. If you are writing this letter from a professional context, you can use your business letterhead. Address the letter with “Honorable Immigration Judge.” Indicate your relationship with the person and the period of time you've known them. Read More:
What are pros and cons of immigration?
Immigration can give substantial economic benefits – a more flexible labour market, greater skills base, increased demand and a greater diversity of innovation. However, immigration is also controversial. It is argued immigration can cause issues of overcrowding, congestion, and extra pressure on public services. Read More:
What are the main reasons for immigration?
Some reasons immigrants choose to leave their home countries include economic issues, political issues, family reunification, or natural disasters. Economic reasons include seeking higher wages, better employment opportunities, a higher standard of living, and educational opportunities. Read More:
What is immigration in a paragraph?
immigration, process through which individuals become permanent residents or citizens of another country. Historically, the process of immigration has been of great social, economic, and cultural benefit to states. Read More:

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