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Accounting and Accounting Information

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Page 1

“Experience using accounting in
Business or your personal life”

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Accounting and Accounting Information
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Cassandra Daniels
Everest College
Principles of Accounting 1- APA2111
Instructor: Geraldine Mann

Page 2
I really do not have that much experience using accounting. I can speak on what I have learned and researched about accounting. I plan on owning my own business in the future, so as of now I am attending Everest College and my major is “Business Management.” So as I write this essay, I will be speaking on what I have learned about accounting and accounting information.

To begin with, Accounting requires ethical approach, and it deals with having access to money and financial records can be too much for people. Some people will try to take advantage of their inside information to make illegal stock trades. They might try to steal from the company that does not trust them much with financial duties. As I researched it stated that “Technology changed the way that small business accounting works.

” (http://academicsecrets.com/graduate-work/mba-and-accounting-essays/the-positive-impact-of-accounting/). So with that being stated, computer programs and friendly applications helps owners keep track of their financial data. So accounting can help you in your business, but it can also affect you if you don’t keep track of your data like you are supposed to.
Finally accounting will be part of my career in the future because I’m going to own my own company and management accounting is one of the major part in owning your own business. Getting a degree in business is something I always wanted. It teaches me everything I need to know to begin a successful career in this field. People with good interpersonal skill, and who are dedicated is what the business profession are looking for.


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Accounting and Accounting Information. (2018, Aug 29). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/accounting-and-accounting-information/

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