The Technical System: Information, Information Technology, and Information Systems

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In today’s world of technology a business has many options to choose from when comes to business software application. However, when making that decision, the actual application that is chosen should be driven by the needs of the business. For this particular situation, a quality control application has been chosen. This type of application offers a business the tools needed to improve quality. The “improvement software and services is design to help people in manufacturing, service, healthcare, and education apply statistical process control, problem-solving tools, measurement systems analysis, and gage calibration management to their organization”. (pqsystems, 2009)

Statistical Process Control (SPC) workout version is an interactive software package that gives employees a chance to learn quality concepts through systematic instructions at his/her own pace. The training can be tailored to the needs of the individual employee at different levels. It serves as a beginner as well as a refresher course for employees. As for educators K-12, the software helps transform data such as numbers, percentages, scores, etc into real information that will help with improvements of the their schools.

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The DATA jogger software uses different charts and diagrams to help you analyze and track your improvement progress. These problem-solving tools are great for employees tracking and visually seeing the quality improvements made throughout the year. It helps to draw conclusion on where changes need to be made and what areas need more focusing.

DATAjogger can also increase efficiency by eliminating extra steps of transferring data from whiteboards or flip charts into software or exporting data to another software program. “CHARTrunner creates control charts, Pareto diagrams, pie charts, run charts, and histograms from data stored in Excel, Access, and other databases.

It eliminates the need for complex importing, time consuming exporting, and tedious data entry. It retrieves data from other sources and uses the data for statistical charting and analysis. CHARTrunner clarifies data so that you can easily analyze it for your school or classroom quality improvement project.” (pqsystem, 2009) The SPC specific systems requirements and other software that SPC is compatible with is identified below:

  • System requirements
  • IBM or compatible 486DX/66MHz or better
  • Windows 3.1 or higher
  • Minimum 8MB RAM
  • Mouse
  • Double speed CD-ROM (Quad speed preferred)
  • Super VGA (640X480, 256 colors) monitor
  • A Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card

Works With

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Paradox
  • text files
  • ODBC
  • ADO
  • And more

Users of this software should have knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating system and Windows applications as well as knowledge of how to work a computer system. Whether it is a school (K-12), a university, or a manufacturing company, SPC is software that can be used to help improve the quality of the organization by analyzing the data. With real time SPC organizations can drastically improve in productivity and problem solving on the spot.


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