Acer: A Company on the Rise

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In the visible radiation of increased competition in the Personal computer industry. there is a demand to capture and keep market portion. non merely be profitable but to be sustainable. The Acer Company has over the old ages moved from being a small known Chinese Personal computer shaper to being ranked among the world’s top five branded Personal computer sellers.

Since the modernisation and inevitable commercialisation of computing machines. trade name acknowledgment and market portion in the personal computing machine market has ever been really competitory.In the mid 1990’s the personal computing machine market took off chiefly by the encouragement the industry received in the business-to-consumer sector. The offering of funding options made it easier for persons to get computing machines.

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Since the beginning of the Personal computer revolution. the market has been dominated by four major makers: Dell. HP and Gateway. By the latest portion of 2000s. Acer and Lenovo have gain trade name acknowledgment and market portion. The latter two companies turning scheme involved the acquisition of Gateway by Acer and IBM’s personal computing machine division by Lenovo. This paper will compare these two companies concern schemes. every bit good as their operating differences. .

1. Acer’s Strategy Has Been Described as Divide and Conquer. Compare and Contrast This to Lenovo StrategyFrom its origin. Acer had been a constituent and equipment maker for relabeled electronic merchandises marketed and sold by recognized planetary companies. Along with the booming of the Personal computer industry came the demand to bring forth Personal computer constituents faster. cheaper and more expeditiously ; this demand gave birth to several companies akin to Acer. which in bend contributed to market impregnation.

Strategic direction theories have taught us that when a company faces market impregnation. the most effectual manner to growing is to prosecute in spread outing its operations. selling and merchandising activities to another market. In this instance. Acer determined that they would take the company into the planetary electronics and personal computing machine playfield. “Strategic determinations of a company are influenced by market conditions. grade of competition. status of economic system. ordinances impacting the industry. its ain growing marks and the interactions with its subordinates i. e. . concern units” . ( Collis & A ; Montgomery. 2002 ) . Acer employed enterprises that placed them in a better place than its closer rival. Lenovo. Acer’s early efforts to come in the planetary sphere was characterized by ailing trade name acknowledgment. Consumers were wary about Acer’s merchandises quality and dependability.

To conflict that perceptual experience. and to assist derive district. in 2007 Acer acquired Gateway for US $ 710 million. This acquisition gave Lenovo a method to get the better of on of the entry barriers for the U. S. market place. In add-on. the company recognized the potency that the Chinesse market represented. By come ining this market. Acer sought to take advantage of the inexpensive labour. economic systems of graduated table and the handiness of extremely trained applied scientists. In the ulterior portion of the 2000s. Acer saw its market portion addition by fabricating and selling little size laptop computing machines known as netbooks. This merchandise was sold at a monetary value scope between US $ 200-US $ 300. Competitive houses did non implement a notebook enterprise until subsequently. giving Acer a competitory advantage of first-to-market. The schemes implemented by Acer and Lenovo are fundamentally the same.

These companies relied in geting U. S. based companies. or its divisions. in order to spread out operations globally. every bit good as to come in the U. S. market. In 2004 Lenovo purchased IBM’s personal computing machine division for US $ 1. 25 billion. In trade name acknowledgment. Acer concentrated in bring forthing a more consumer friendly merchandise with the right characteristics and market monetary value. Lenovo chief efforts to trade name recoginiziton was to fall in the Olimpyc Partner Program which is the International Olympic Committee worldwide marketing plan. It besides bought the rights to put the Lenovo name following to the IBM logo on its Personal computer merchandises after the IBM acquisition.

2. Explain How the Global Markets-Local Markets Paradox Figures Into Stan Shih’s Strategy for China.Stan Shih figured that Acer could take advantage of the benefits that regionally local markets have to offer to companies runing in their ain sod. Traveling to markets that portion the same features is easier than to travel to a different part that do non portion the same civilization. client purchasing behaviour and socio-economic tendencies. China offered these wagess. non necessary as an advantage against Lenovo. but as and advantage to other competitiors in the Personal computer concern. In the other manus. the planetary range Acer had engaged on by switching from a hardware component maker to a consumer friendly PC maker. by geting Gateway. and being one of the first companies to bring forth netbooks laptop computing machines. located Acer as a principal planetary participant over Lenovo. 3. Determine What Strategies Acer Can Apply to Become the World’s Third Largest Personal computer Company. Behind Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

As said by the research house iSuppli ( Dell. 2010 ) . Acer and Dell have been taking goes for the 2nd topographic point as the biggest Personal computer manufacturer in the universe since 2009. Some of the schemes that assisted Acer addition this topographic point are the overview of the netbook creative activity. development by the attainment of Gateway. come ining the U. S. market and concentrating its innovation nexus and labours non so much in the business-to-business theoretical account. but emphazising the buyer centricity one.

Althought the build-your-own-PC criterion used by Dell. HP and Gateway was popular among purchasers. Acer settled off from that scheme. Acer trusted in 3rd party companies to apportion and sell its merchandises. This gave the company an opportunity to make a thin supply overseas telegram agreement. used to beginning hardware from different Sellerss. therefore taking expensive industrial monetary values and polishing productiveness. The added acquisition of European Personal computer elephantine Packard-Bell company offered Acer with larger footprint and extra market part planetary. 4. Even Before the Current Economic Crisis Deepended. Growth in the U. S. Personal computer market had Begun to Decelerate Down. Despite Strong competition From Dell and Hewlett-Packard. Acer’s U. S. Market Share Increased From 1 Percentage in 2004 to 3. 3 Percentage by the End of 2006. Analyze Acer’s chances for deriving farther portion in the United States Acer’s different schemes mentioned throughout this paper gave the company the compettive advantages that it still enjoys today.

During the economic nonacceptance of the early and subsequently 2000s. most of the concern Personal computer companies that were being really profitable and that occupied the first topographic points as the Personal computer taking makers was done in the business-to-business theoretical account. As the economic system turned rancid. companies decreased computing machine purchasing and upgrading maps. this gave off to lesser gross to these Personal computer makers. Acer had been concentrating in the consumer centric concern. They offered low monetary values computing machines to hard currency strapped consumers. Acer has proven in the yesteryear that it has the technological foresight and hazard taking capablenesss to crush their competition as it demonstrated back in 2008 when it dethroned HP in the gross revenues of Personal computer merchandises in the European market.

“HP has been toppled from the top topographic point in the Europe. Middle East and Africa PC-selling conference by Acer. partially as a consequence of Acer’s success in the flourishing netbook market” . ( Meyer. 2008 ) . The company’s new schemes include making out to school and little concern with customized merchandises. Although Acer’s market portion in this section is really limited. it is seeking to increase consciousness of its merchandises by educating these clients on the serviceability and features that there merchandises carries. “Last twelvemonth the company reported gross of $ 18 billion. stand foring 5 % growing from the old twelvemonth in a tough economic system. Net net income was $ 354 million. To maintain up the gait. Acer is enrolling new types of clients. including schools. It still has a long manner to travel in that country. Its instruction market portion about tripled in the last twelvemonth. but merely to 4 % . ” ( Woyke. 2010 ) .


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