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Aileen Wuornos: The Dark Tale of One Woman’s Descent into Infamy Sample

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When did it all get down? Technically. Aileen became a liquidator on December 1. 1989 when 51-year-old electrics store proprietor Richard Mallory picked her up on I-75 ( 8 ) and together they drove off into the forests to run into an unsure destiny. But when did the homicidal animal that is Aileen Wuornos come to be? She began prostituting herself as age 9 ( 5 ) . without so much as an assault charge related to her profession for 24 old ages while working the streets. Yes. she was a thumbing cocotte that became celebrated for slaying and robbing seven of her Johns.

but what was it in her that snapped? What caused her transmutation from a Hooker into a liquidator?

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Aileen Wuornos: The Dark Tale of One Woman’s Descent into Infamy Sample
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There have been assorted docudramas made about Aileen that focused on everything from the damaging effects of her mobile upbringing and deficiency of parental counsel. to her legion slayings over the class of somewhat more than a twelvemonth. to her loss of saneness in prison while she sat on Death Row for over a decennary.

While the inquiry of “nature vs. nurture” will ever be slightly of a enigma. Aileen’s childhood was a formula for nil short of a black grownup.

In the docudrama The Real Monster Aileen Wuornos – Serial Killers. Aileen is described as holding had an “exceptionally. deeply impaired history” ( 5 ) . This included child sexual maltreatment. forsaking by her parents. physical maltreatment at the custodies of her gramps. going “hypersexual” and merchandising sexual favours for coffin nails at the age of nine. Born on February 29. 1956 to Diane Wuornos at the age of 16. Aileen was given up to her grandparents to be raised and got to cognize either of her biological parents. Possibly one of her greatest approval. and unhappily so. is that she ne’er got to cognize her biological male parent. Leo Dale Pittman was a ill and sadistic adult male. “One of his favourite games was to bind two cats together by their dress suits and throw them over a clothesline to watch them fight. ” ( 9 ) . He hung himself while in prison in 1969 for molesting a immature male child ( 9 ) . As a kid. Aileen was reported to hold explosive fits and many of the vicinity kids were afraid of her ( 4 ) .

Her gramps was physically opprobrious: “When she was made to draw down her trunkss and crook over the wooden tabular array in the center of the kitchen. when the doubled-over belt flew down onto her bare natess. small Aileen railed against her male parent. petrified and shouting noisily. Sometimes she lay face down. spread-eagled bare on the bed. for her tannings. ” ( 9 ) . When she was merely 13 old ages old. she got pregnant – at one point she claimed that her older brother Keith was the male parent. She was sent to a place for unwed female parents. and after holding her babe male child. she gave him up for acceptance ( 4 ) . After this. she was kicked out of the house and was forced to populate on the streets. kiping in the forests during winters in Michigan. By the age of 16. the terrible conditions proved to be excessively rough to defy and she began thumbing down to Florida ( 2 ) .

When she was 20 old ages old. she met a adult male named Lewis Fell while thumbing along the main road ( 2 ) . This adult male could hold been her ticket to a better life. a ticket down a much different way than the one she finally chose. He was a 69-year-old president of a yacht nine who fell in love with her immediately. They were married in 1976. the intelligence for which was really printed in the society pages ( 9 ) . Unfortunately for Aileen. their matrimony merely lasted one month ; she was unable to give up her wild and foolhardy ways. she treated Fell awfully. would acquire into saloon battles. and was even sent to imprison on assault charges. After Lewis Fell realized his error. he had the matrimony annulled ( 9 ) .

Another possible turning point in Aileen’s life came a decennary subsequently when she met 24-year-old Tyria Moore in 1986 at a Daytona Beach gay saloon at the age of 30 ( 4 ) . This relationship was the 1 that Aileen chose to catch and keep onto with all that she had. They seemed to hold a really loving and committed relationship ; Aileen fondly referred to Tyria as her married woman on regular juncture ( 3 ) . The two adult females were together for over three old ages when one twenty-four hours Aileen returns place to the motel room which they rented. but this clip she had a auto with her that she claimed she borrowed from a friend ( 5 ) .

From December 1. 1989 to November 19. 1990 Aileen was responsible for the deceases of seven work forces. all of who were Johns of hers ( 7 ) : Richard Mallory. December 1. 1989 ; Dick Humphreys. May 19. 1990 ; Charles Carskaddon. May 31 1990 ; Troy Burress. July 30. 1990 ; Peter Siems. September 11. 1990 ; Walter Antonio. November 19. 1990 ; and David Spears. May 19. 1990. David Spears was the lone adult male she was non convicted of killing. She carried a gun with her at all times ; the slaying arm was a. 22 quality pistol – a little gun. by and large carried by adult females and by and large intended for self-defence. During her many tests. the cured pistol. which Aileen had dumped in a river. was forensically matched to four of her victims ( 5 ) .

Aileen’s modus operandi was really consistent across all of her offenses. She would pick up work forces as a hitchhiker. normally along I-75 ( 3 ) . Once in the vehicle. she would state a sob narrative about seeking to salvage up money to direct for her kids ( she had no dependants ) and inquire if there was anything she could make for them in exchange for a small hard currency. She and the toilet would so drive off into the forests and settle on what services they wanted and what the monetary value would be. In interviews she said she could normally convey in approximately $ 100 to $ 200 a twenty-four hours as a cocotte ( 5 ) .

Her first victim was Richard Mallory on December 1. 1989. claiming self-defence because he raped her ( 3 ) . “Something has for good snapped inside Wuornos. and her once-suppressed rage at work forces is unleashed. The remainder of her violent deaths could be seen as paranoid responses to the colza. ” ( 6 ) . While on test for his slaying. her in writing testimony about being raped and tortured was. for one ground or another. non plenty to convert the jury. She claims that her custodies were tied together and jump to the maneuvering wheel. He so took out a Visine bottle and said. “We’re traveling to clean you up. ” He takes the bottle and pip-squeaks it up her rectum ; it is at this point that Aileen realized that the bottle did non incorporate Visine. but rubbing intoxicant. and it burned. She so claims Mallory squirt the bottle up her vagina and up her olfactory organ ( 3 ) . It is decidedly plausible that Mallory raped Aileen ; he was discovered to hold had a record of colza and assault. although this information was non allowed in her test ( 8 ) . Initially Aileen claimed all the slayings were in self-defense. but throughout her old ages on test and on Death Row she has changed her motor many times traveling back and Forth between defence and the demand to extinguish informants to her robbing the victims ( 4 ) .

Tyria Moore. who was one time the great love of Aileen’s life. was finally the 1 to turn her in. both deliberately and accidentally. On July 4. 1990 Tyria was driving one of the autos stolen from a slaying victim with Aileen in the rider place. They were in an accident and rolled the auto off the route into someone’s front pace ( 4 ) . After the clang they were seen by informants cleaning blood off of themselves ( 5 ) … the informants called the bulls and the constabulary studies of the two adult females were on the intelligence in no clip at all. After the constabulary began shuting in. Tyria fled to Pennsylvania to be with her household. It was non hard for the constabulary to track down Tyria. nor was it hard to convert her to collaborate in conveying Aileen Wuornos down. In a method conversationally knows as a “honey trap. ” the constabulary. with Tyria’s cooperation. tapped her phone while speaking to Aileen in prison and coached her in what to state to acquire Aileen to squeal to the slayings ( 5 ) . While on the base attesting against her former lover. Tyria points out Aileen to the courtroom as the individual responsible for the slayings. and Aileen knew it had to be done.

“Her nexus to Ty ( girlfriend Tyria Moore ) was her lone scintilla of humanity… Her merely focal point was on her ( miss ) friend and protecting her. She showed perfectly no concern for herself and her ain destiny. ” ( 5 ) . On November 7. 1991. Aileen was adopted by a flyaway born-again Christian adult female named Arlene Pralle ( 4 ) . Arlene claims that she and her hubby were watching the intelligence when they heard about Aileen’s test. and that something in her eyes spoke to them because she can “read people’s eyes. ” and they became pen buddies with Aileen ( 3 ) . It was non long before the acceptance was official. and Arlene convinced her freshly adopted girl to fire her public guardian and engage a adult male by the name of Steve Glazer ( 2 ) . Arlene and Steve became rather the brace. utilizing Aileen’s bad luck to their advantage in any manner that they could. For the following three slaying tests. Arlene and Steve convinced Aileen to plead no competition ; Arlene said she needed to come clean. that this was her lone opportunity at salvation. Even the justice thought this was uneven that she would non hold any defence presented. But when she was sentenced to decease for these slayings. Aileen was enraged. She yelled at the justice. “May your married woman and childs be raped. Right in the ass… I’ll be up in heaven while ya’ll decomposing in snake pit. ”

After the three new slaying strong beliefs. Arlene was interviewed by Nick Broomfield. the manager of the two docudramas Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Consecutive Killer in 1992 and Aileen: Life and Death of a Consecutive Killer in 2002. She was asked why she told her girl to plead no competition. her response was chilling: “God has forgiven her for what she’s done. and our province has the decease punishment. so why non travel for it? I mean belly laugh! She could be home with Jesus in a affair of a few old ages! She’d be much better off in Eden. I mean if I had the pick I’d instead be up at that place. but God has non chosen for me to travel. but I mean Lee ( Aileen ) has an unfastened door here. ” ( 3 ) .

Arlene and Steve worked closely with Nick Broomfield while he was working on his 1992 docudrama. but so they refused to speak to him unless Aileen was paid… Arlene was demanding $ 25. 000 ( 3 ) . Nick was confused because the Son of Sam jurisprudence prohibited felons from gaining from their offenses. After a batch of negociating. Arlene. Steve. and Nick settled on a fee of $ 10. 000. $ 2. 500 of which was to travel straight to Arlene and another $ 2. 500 to travel to Steve. At this point Arlene begins mentioning to Steve as her agent. and even after being paid. garbages to speak unless Steve is present. Steve has been accused by other attorneies of “greasing Lee’s ( Aileen’s ) way to the electric chair” and saw him as unfit to stand for her ( 3 ) . Later Arlene claims to hold ne’er gotten the money… even though the exchange is on camera for the universe to see.

Nick went to speak to Aileen about all of the dither over the money. She claims that now she can see how Arlene and Steve were money hungry from the beginning. Aileen said how they convinced her to plead guilty to the remainder of the slayings because all of the film production companies would be unable to do a movie without the tests. and that if she wanted to halt people from profiting from her offenses. she needed to plead guilty. While she was in prison. Arlene and Steve even suggested to Aileen different ways to kill herself ( 3 ) . And while Aileen thought that the camera was turned off. she confided in Nick that all of the violent deaths were so in self-defence. and that the lone ground she said otherwise is because she is tired of the parody of the tribunal visual aspects and the political corruptness of the constabulary. She was afraid if people knew it was self-defense that there would be more entreaties and tribunal day of the months and she does non desire to cover with that any more ( 2 ) .

While Aileen was excessively paranoid about many pathetic things. the talk about film trades was non one of them. Sheriff Don Moreland was found out to hold been discoursing film trades with assorted production companies. Three more work forces. Captain Benninger. Sgt Munster. and Major Dan Henry were working with Tyria in discoursing film trades ( 2 ) . Some people speculate that Tyria’s cooperation with the constabulary sing the film trades may be why she was ne’er charged as an accoutrement to any of the slayings. Aileen believes that the constabulary knew about her killing all along and purposefully allow her acquire off with one slaying after the other specifically to do her into a consecutive slayer so that they could profit from the film trades that would follow ( 3 ) . There was ne’er a proper probe into any of the claims about crooked bulls. but several jurisprudence enforcement officers did step down from their places after being accused of selling out for film trades ( 2 ) .

Dayss before her executing. Nick Broomfield went to interview Aileen’s biological female parent. Diane Wuornos. At this point in clip. female parent and girl have non seen each other in over 25 old ages. Nick explained to Diane everything that was traveling on with her girl. and wanted to discourse her childhood to see if Diane knew of anything that could hold suggested that Aileen would turn out the manner that she did. She explained to Nick that Aileen was a blunt rear of barrel birth. significance that she was born bottom first alternatively of headfirst. This is a unsafe place and the bringing was hard ; Diane thinks Aileen may hold suffered some type of encephalon harm during birth. She did non even know that Aileen lived in the forests after holding her babe ( 3 ) .

Aileen was sentenced to decease by deadly injection on October 9. 2002 ( 4 ) . She passed on her concluding repast and asked for a java alternatively. Her last words were. “I’d merely like to state I’m sailing with the stone. I’ll be back similar Independence Day with Jesus. June 6. like the films. large female parent ship and all. I’ll be back. ” ( 5 ) . There is no uncertainty that Aileen is “a horridly tragic figure. ( and ) her mental province was one of progressive impairment. ” ( 5 ) . But to this twenty-four hours. people still speculate as to the true motivation behind her violent deaths: was she a inhuman slayer who hated work forces and was all excessively eager to kill them whenever the chance presented itself? Or was she a colza victim fending for her life in a unsafe profession?


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