Case Study of Aileen Wurnos Essay

From analysing the information of American born Aileen Wurnos (1965-2002) the serial killer, it becomes evident to suggest that her experiences from early childhood, which later led to a career of prostitution, had a great psychological impact on Aileen’s life. Over a couple years during1989-1991 Aileen murdered and stole from 7 men in Florida, USA whilst she was working as a prostitute. Aileen Wurnos falsely suggested that the men either raped or attempted to rape her which caused her to commit the crime as an act of self defence.

In August 2002 Aileen served a 6 death sentences and after twelve years on death row, she was then executed for her crimes by the state of Florida, USA. At the beginning of Aileen Wurnos’ life she suffered unreasonable early childhood experiences of neglect and abuse; consequently these traumatic events contributed to her distorted mental state of mind. Aileen’s parents were married at the age of fifteen in 1954 which resulted in the birth of Keith Pittman (1955) and Aileen Carol Pittman (1956).

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Case Study of Aileen Wurnos
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Nevertheless, Aileen never got to meet her father Leo Dale Pittman, as her parents divorced two months before she was born and her father was serving a sentence for child molesting, also attempted murder of an eight year old, male child. In addition, Aileen at 6 months old and her brother Keith’s mother abandoned them at their grandparent’s residence of Lori and Britta Wurnos who became the children’s legal guardian’s through adoption in 1960.

One of the many disturbing childhood experiences included Aileen Wurnos having several sexual encounters at a young age by strangers, probably even her own brother and grandfather who additionally abused her. Unfortunately, Aileen was raped by an unidentified man and fell pregnant at thirteen years old in 1970. As it was uncommon for women to have children out of wedlock, Aileen’s child was adopted and shortly afterwards her grandmother died.

Subsequently, her grandfather evicted Aileen Wurnos from their home at the age of fifteen; for that reason she began working as a prostitute to earn an income and lived in the woods for the duration of four years. There had been numerous occasions when Aileen Wurnos was arrested and sometimes charged for committing criminal activity. Later, in 1976 Aileen married Lewis Gratz Fell who was significantly older at the age of 69 years old.

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