American dream according to Columbus and John Smith

America has been explored and colonized. The conception of an Ideological dream has been at the forefront. America has continually provided an arena for those in individuals seeking economic, governmental and religious growth. The concept of American dream starts as European in a nature. Italian explorer Christopher Columbus and his voyage, as well as John Smith and his voyage were a recognizable spark that reinforced the concept of American Dream.

Columbus set the sail for a passage to the east by sailing to the west and ended up in the rich, wealthy new world. According to Christopher Columbus first impressions from “Letter to Louis De Santayana regarding the flirts Voyage” the new land was everything they were looking for. “The island and all the others are very fertile to a limitless degree, and this island is extremely so. ” They came in this new land and saw the opportunities it gave them. All the threes, plants, animals and fruits they can collect and trade. In it are ravenous pine groves, and there are very large tracks of cultivable lands, and there is honey, and there are birds of many kinds and fruits in great diversity. ” These islands were fertile to a limitless degree. It had many harbors and rivers, high lands, sierras and lofty mountains. Columbus saw the opportunity for himself and his country to profit economically through spices, gold and trade. This land gave a promise of a better, easier, and more prosperous life, which in a way Is an American dream.

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When people heard about this new land they wanted to be a part of it. Since this new land was almost uninhabited, It was open for the European people. “And from that point I sent two men inland to learn if there was a king or great cities. They traveled three days’ journey and found infinity of small hamlets and people without number, hut nothing of importance. ” This new land was clean and unpopulated and ready for Europeans to use its prosperity. Columbus was not the only one praising this new land. According touch Smith, an for entrepreneurs.

His Description of New England describes the fishing, soils, inhabitants, fauna, flora, and climate of the coastal region from Cape Cod to Penobscot. Smith saw New England as a place where English life could be transplanted to America, and this work is an extended advertisement and prospectus for investors and settlers, with Smith to provide the expertise and leadership. Smith starts by describing the pleasure and content that risking your life for getting your own piece of land brings to men. How building your own house; planting your own crops, and having a God’s blessing industry”; would be easy to have without having any prejudice.

Smith talks about fishing with only a stick and a hook and you will catch excellent fish; also that if you planted crops you could get as much as 50 shillings yearly, use this money for meat and beer, and still afford to become rich. “For laborers, if those that sow hemp, rape, turnips, parsnips, carrots, cabbage, and such like give twenty, thirty, forty, fifty shillings yearly for an acre of ground, and meat, drink, and wages to use it, and yet grow rich, when better, or at least as good ground, may be had, and cost nothing but labor; it seems strange to me, any such should here grow poor. He is encouraging people to come to this country and start their new, better lives, their American dream. The conception of an ideological dream has been at the forefront and has stayed pretty much the same throughout the years. American dream is the better life that gives you wealth, freedom and opportunities. As for myself, American dream has always been more like a click©, a beautiful white house with a porch, high paying 9-5 job, loving family with two kids and a golden retriever, that does bring the ball back to you.

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