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Subculture: Brazil vs. America


Words: 699 (3 pages)

The culture I grew into since birth was the Brazilian culture. Soon the world I knew quickly changed when I relocated to the united States at age five, I then fell into the subculture of Brazilian-American. Which Initially seemed Like a drastic change but I am quick on social development so It did not take…

The Basketball Subculture



Words: 1010 (5 pages)

Blastula Introduction In this analysis I will cover the different aspects of sport subculture and what it means to be a recognizable member within a group. I will give examples of what it means to be a part of such subcultures. For example, shared ways of dressing, group status and credibility, as well as some…

The Wave of Change in the Era of Modernism


Words: 2087 (9 pages)

A wave of change swept over the era of modernism, people began to question and scrutinize the norms of society. This change Is referred to as postmodernism (Megs & Purses, 2006:466). Postmodernism gave birth to different subcultures, groups of people who behave and believe differently than the norm of society, this as a result makes…

Teen Subcultures & Management



Words: 851 (4 pages)

Reflecting on teen subcultures allows for the opportunity to discuss the potential impact teen subcultures have on valuing diversity, how they bond diverse people together and help them understand one another, and discover how they can also result In the formation of cliques and foster stereotypes. By discussing these developmental, teenaged experiences; long-term, adult social…

Mormon Subculture in America


Words: 1268 (6 pages)

The Mormons, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints (LDS), is the  sub-culture that I have chosen.   This group has a strong presence in  not only in America but also in Mexico, Canada, and many parts of Europe.  The Mormon faith/religion has existed since 1830, and has since it’s conception been…

Subcultures ideas


Words: 1542 (7 pages)

The paper uses a study of sociology textbooks to establish a clearer meaning for the two terms, and also shows the contradictions, conflicts, and quandaries that various examples of subcultures and countercultures create. The paper attempts to resolve some of those conflicts by adding an additional criterion for evaluating subcultures and countercultures. Finally, the concept…

The Representation of Youth Tribes and Subcultures in the Cinema of John Hughes




Words: 2020 (9 pages)

In this research essay I expect to find that the use of youth tribes and subcultures can clearly be identified in mid-80s comedy-dramas; particularly in those written, produced and directed by John Hughes. The primary texts I will be analysing are The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Weird Science. I have selected these…

Muslim Subcultures


Words: 572 (3 pages)

There are many religious subcultures in every country. For an example, Malaysia has the main three races that are Malay, Chinese and Indian. Out of these three races, there are many religious and belief that are totally different from their own races. Religious that exist in Malaysia are Muslim, Buddha, Christian, Hindu, Taoism and others….

The hip-hop subculture



Words: 1648 (7 pages)

The hip hop subculture is a way of life tethered to and popularized by the widespread practice of rap music. It originates from the African American community. It is expressed through flashy modes of dressing, graffiti art forms, break dancing, and slang. However, with the passage of time, the culture has traversed racial and cultural…

Commercialization of the Graffiti Subculture



Words: 3354 (14 pages)

In cultural studies, a subculture Is a group of people within a culture that differentiates themselves from the larger culture which they belong to (Hebrides, 1979). The study of subcultures often consists of the study of symbolism attached to clothing, music and other visible appearances adopted by members of a subculture and also how those…

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