An Environmental Risk Assessment

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Jones, R. (2001). An Environmental Risk Assessment/Management Framework for Climate Change Impact Assessments, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers


There is use of the recent most advanced methods in the study. There are also a number of extensive consultations made to ensure that they carry out the project in the right way. There is the use of conditional probability to ensure that all the researchers have full knowledge of all the drivers or the factors involved. (Jones, 2001)

The research puts into consideration all the necessary measures and the project brings out the expected outcome. They then forwarded the outcomes to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change for further discussion. (Jones, 2001)


We are in the era where practically all the countries in the world are experiencing sharp climatic changes. Most of these states have already understood the reason behind this and they are working hard and using many resources to get back their original climate. I therefore feel that conducting such a research is a great help to most parts of the world. Even through the research is under controlled conditions; it offers some possible causes and solutions to some of the climatic problems that the world is facing. I can term the article as a guideline and one that is completely relevant to us at this time. It is of high quality and offers very important information, which is necessary for the world to save itself.  The article also offers an in depth analysis of the project with the clear and concise information on the effect that climatic change has on different sectors in the world. It is a great one and applicable to practically anyone who wants to save himself from the predicted harsh environment in the future. (Jones, 2001)


Jones, R. (2001). An Environmental Risk Assessment/Management Framework for Climate Change Impact Assessments. Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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