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COSHH Risk Assessment Form

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Respiratory damage might be caused by inhaling of silica particles in dust which is created by dry-mixed bagged products, cutting fixed concrete or surface treatment of hardened concrete containing high silica aggregates. Long-term prolonged exposure to high levels of resalable crystalline silica, which can arise from a failure to implement adequate control measures or wear the correct respiratory protection, can lead to silicosis and ultimately an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Ingestion: The swallowing of small amounts of any cement/water mixtures is unlikely to cause significant reaction.

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COSHH Risk Assessment Form
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If the mixes are wet, while material is still in non-hardened (plastic) state, use suction system or mechanical shovel. The product can be slurries by the addition of water but will subsequently set as a hard material. Disposal: -None hazardous. Nonetheless disposing should be subject to local authority/ regulations requirements. -When the clean-up is in operation keep children away. Environmental Precautions -Do not allow product to enter drains, sewers or water courses.

Further spillage if possible. First Aid Wet or Dry (Dust) concrete/mortar/screed: -prevent Eye contact: Wash immediately with a lot of clean water.

Seek medical attention immediately from the first eider or health nurse. Skin contact: Immediately after contact wash several times with plenty of clean water (if hands are dry use soap). Clothing should be removed and washed thoroughly before use. If irritation, pain or other skin conditions occur, seek medical advice. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting Wash out mouth and drink plenty of water. Seek medical advice if large amount is swallowed. Inhalation: If irritation OCCUrs, move to fresh air. If nose or airways become inflamed seek medical advice. Storage and handling Requirements

Storage: -Dry mix concrete and mortar bags should be stacked in a safe and stable manner, away from any moisture. Handling: Wet Concrete, Mortar and Screed: Avoid skin and eye contact. Bagged dry-mix concrete and mortar: When handling bags take care when lifting, due regard should be paid to the risks outlined in the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992. Some bags may have a small amount of cement on the outer surface. Appropriate personal protective clothing should therefore be used whilst handling. Fire Not flammable and will not facilitate combustion with other material.

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