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Analysis of the plays of Bouncers and Shakers by John Godber

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I thought that all of the performances where very well done and where the best I had seen anyone do. I think all the groups used different styles, such as in Mac’s group at the start they used musical mime and at the end they used a good piece of mime in their fight scene.

A couple of the groups used chorus work in their pieces, like in Deria’s group they used that style in the part when they sang happy birthday, it was funny because they sang “happy birthday” at the same time but sang to different names like “Zoi??, Clare”.

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Analysis of the plays of Bouncers and Shakers by John Godber
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Andrew’s group used mime in their fight scene as well but they also had a monologue too, in which thought was well done, but Andrew could have been a bit more still he moved about too much during his monologue. Two groups had one or more actors missing one of them was Nicola’s group, they had three actors missing but it was still good, Dean was at his best I thought but he should have had a bigger part seeing as he was only in it for a couple of minutes, the group used good chorus work saying “Supermarket!! ” they also had a nice dance routine.

I thought my own group was good even though we had one actor missing, we did good chorus work but our dance routine wasn’t that good because we only rehearsed for a few minutes.

All the performances were very good but they all had slight faults. Like in Andrew’s group they were going very well and very smoothly but then they would have pauses where they had forgotten their lines or cue. Andrew’s group also put their backs to the audience a few times but their transformations where good, Calvin brought a lot of comedy into their performance which was good because it brought the viewer’s attention back from their mistakes.I thought Mac’s group had a good start that grabbed the viewer’s attention and all the way through I was interested to see what would happen next, but I thought Annie could have been a bit more hurt in their fight scene when Mac supposedly broke her arm.

The body language in Macs groups’ performance was good because it was believable. I thought Joyce could have been louder which would have made the performance better and easier to understand. Deria and her group did an excellent performance that was funny and easy to hear and understand due to the volume of their voices.Deria did a very good performance she delivered her lines very clearly and was the strength in the group.

Ellisia was very funny and was the source of the comedy in the performance I thought. I think that Stephanie was a bit quiet but it didn’t spoil the performance. Nicola’s group didn’t have that much energy but they did have three actors missing from their group. I didn’t think that their staging was very good it was a bit too much towards the back.

Dean was the best performer in that group but it was a shame that he had such a small part.My group was a bit quiet and I couldn’t stop looking around and I had too much movement. Richard was good in his part and was at his best but he had a small part so he didn’t get to show his full potential. The dance routine in my group wasn’t as good as it could have been but that was mainly due to the lack of rehearsal time.

Deria was good because even though she had been reading in for Katie’s absence and she only had about ten minutes rehearsal time. Mali was very good even though she very nervous she also put us in checkI enjoyed all of the performances very much but they all had their ups and downs and reasons why they did and did not work. Such as the staging in Nicola’s group although it was a good idea to stand behind the chairs to make it look like a bar Stacy was a bit small and I couldn’t really see her especially with Nicola almost blocking her so I didn’t think that it worked. The rest of the staging in Nicola’s group worked perfectly.

In Andrew’s group they did tend to move around a bit too much which meant that they didn’t really know where they were supposed to be and when.They should have kept it simpler it would have worked better, at one point in their performance Calvin and Salman put their backs to the audience to speak to Anastasia it would have been much better if Anastasia’s chair was facing to the side. Mac and his group had good staging but the volume of Joyce’s voice could have been much louder to make it better. Towards the end of their performance I was confused about who was who it would have worked better if they made it more clear.

Deria and her group gave a good performance just because they delivered the jokes so well their staging was good and it just worked very well, but I think Stephanie and Hailey needed more rehearsal time. My group’s staging was good but I moved around too much at the start. I think the scene in the hairdressers was good because it was believable but the scene in the barber wasn’t nearly as good because we didn’t rehearse it at all. I think that it went well even though Deria was reading in for Katies absence and only had ten minutes to rehearse.

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