Apple, without Steve Jobs Essay

What kinds of skills does Steve Jobs have as a manager? Steve Jobs had many skills as a manager that gave him the ability to revive Apple after his return to the company in 1997. After his return to apple and after developing some new skill throughout the years with the development of Paxar and NEXT some of his main skills included the ability to identify new opportunities in the market and the ability to direct and organized manger to take advantage of those opportunities.

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Also, he was the kind of leader that coordinated and motivated people into cohesive teams that took Apple from bottom to the top. Human skills and technical skills were some of his prime skills after his return. This means that he was able to lead and transfer his vision to his top managers. The top managers then transferred that vision to middle level managers and down the chain. Steve Jobs vision allows Apple to become one of the biggest sellers of unique systems of all times.

2. How has he been using these skills to change the way Apple operates?

Steve used his technical skills to guide his team in the design and vision of new products that included the Pod , Pad and Phone. This strategy is categorized as “differentiation”. This strategy proved to be a game changer as we all know. He also used his human skills to understand what his team and customers wanted and also to lead them in the way to success of course after his return. As we all know, Apple stocks have grown exponentially during the past decade due to the way Steve Jobs handle his return to the company. 3.

How do you think Steve Jobs’ management style has affected those styles of there Apple top managers? Well, during the time Steve was in charge of Apple before his dismissal, his management style was very unstable. This affected the style of other top managers at apple by creating tension between them. One of his biggest mistakes was to play favorite between different projects across the company. This strategy left managed very confused because other projects were being neglected.

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