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The intent of this essay is to detect whether fit organic structures in adult females are more feminine. In order to decently turn to this inquiry it is imperative to specify what tantrum’ and feminine’ represent in this context. If the definitions of tantrum’ and feminine’ are similar so it is rather possible that a tantrum’ organic structure is more feminine’. In Helen Lenskyj’ s Women, Sport, and Sexuality, she uses words such as slim, spare, and stylish to depict what it is to be feminine’.

My definition of feminine’ is a little more across-the-board, it includes a stylish visual aspect ( hair, apparels, accoutrements ), coquettish, sexy, ectomorph organic structure type ( slender physique ), elegant paces, clean and clear address with a soft voice. The definition of tantrum’ is divided into the internal and external organic structure. The internal organic structure is the bosom, liver, lungs, and so away ; the external organic structure is the musculuss, castanetss, and skin tissue. A fit’ internal organic structure is defined by blood force per unit area, resting metabolic rate, and good working variety meats harmonizing to an ideal theoretical account based on tallness and weight. A fit’ external organic structure can be defined as a mesomorph organic structure type which includes difficult and tight tegument tissue, well-developed musculuss, and strong castanetss. All of these characteristics lead to a more shapely organic structure and an unsloped position. Keeping in head the definitions of tantrum’ and feminine’ I will now research Lenskyj’ s commercialized tantrum’ and my differentiation between being fit’ and looking fit’ .

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Helen Lenskyj’ s article Women, Sport, and Sexuality explores the commercialisation of the tantrum’ organic structure. She traces the image of the physically fit adult female as it transforms from the 1960’ s to the 1990’ s. The 1960’ s ideal of the sedentary and cosmetic adult female was replaced in the 1980’ s by an active and physically fit adult female. However, Lenskyj notes that although the image has changed there have been other factors which have worked to reenforce the 1960’ s stereotype of the fragile and bantam adult female. Commercialization has bought into the new ideal and packaged it into many merchandises which capitalize on the image of the new physically fit adult female. By 1984, the industry promoted the physically fit adult female through manner ( tight suiting vesture ), cosmetics ( natural’ makeup ), and advertizements which show work forces goggling at fit’ adult females. Therefore, although commercialisation has been good for the overall physical fittingness and wellness of adult females, it is double. The negative side are the stereotypes associated with the new physically fit’ adult females. The ads show adult females in tight apparels exerting with work forces non adult females, the aerophilic picture’ s characteristic film stars and theoretical accounts ( non athletes ) working out with work forces, and the exercising teachers serve as an ideal organic structure image. The positive image of the strong female working out and remaining tantrum is being distorted by stressing being slender, spare, and sexy. There is a dual criterion between the commercialised image of fit’ and the actuality of being fit’. This leads to my thought of being fit’ and looking fit’ .

Femininity and all that it entails, described above, coincides with the commercialised image of the tantrum’ adult female. This image depicts a slender physique, measurings of 36-28-32, and toned but non defined musculuss. The definition of tantrum’ seems to fall into three classs: the muscular organic structure, the fittingness organic structure, and the commercialised tantrum’ organic structure. The commercialised tantrum’ organic structure we have discussed already, it is associated with commercial ads, pictures, and books. This type of tantrum’ organic structure has a slim, spare, and sexy entreaty which identifies with a theoretical account’ s organic structure. The muscular organic structure is rectangular with chiseled musculuss, it is the ideal form of the organic structure builder and consequences from intense weight lifting and physical preparation. The fittingness organic structure is non slender and non rectangular, it has curves but it is non soft. The physically fit organic structure requires regular activity but non intense preparation.

The three classs of tantrum’ are easier to associate to the feminine ideal one time broken down. Looking back on the standards of a feminine adult female, some of the cardinal factors were a slender physique, a stylish visual aspect, elegant paces, coquettish, and sexy. Comparing these factors to the three classs of tantrum’ will rapidly extinguish the muscular organic structure and the physically fit organic structure. The muscular organic structure is eliminated by its rectangular form and chiseled musculuss. The physically fit organic structure is curvey and shapely flinging it from the ideal slender physique of the feminine adult female. Which narrows the classs down to the commercialized tantrum’ organic structure. It seems to correlate with the feminine ideal because of the slim, spare, and sexy entreaty related with ads, pictures, and books. The commercialised tantrum’ organic structure is stylish and elegant, these adult females are besides photographed working out with work forces. All of these standards match the ideal feminine adult female, therefore the commercialised tantrum’ adult female could be classified as feminine. However, there are a few factors that have non been covered which will finish the ideal feminine adult female.

An complete feminine adult female non merely looks a certain manner but she besides acts in a peculiar mode and is expected to carry through a specific function. She acts like a lady’ which requires her to be soft, gracious, sensitive, dainty and proper ( talking merely when spoken to and replying intelligently ). The feminine adult female must besides execute certain responsibilities such as cookery, cleansing, and taking attention of the kids. These are stereotyped functions accorded to an ideal feminine adult female, these are my constructs associated with being feminine. There are other words associated with feminine qualities such as fragile, delicacy, inactive ( vs. aggressive ), refined, graceful, and delicate. The commercialised tantrum’ adult female is slender, spare, and sexy which is similar to the feminine adult female. However, these adult female must take part in physical activities such as aerobic exercises and dance categories, recreational athleticss, and moderate sums of clip in a gym. These activities promoted by commercial ads, exercising picture, and fittingness books take clip off from adult female which the ideal feminine adult female would pass making family jobs and taking attention of their household. Exercising requires adult female to sudate and be aggressive instead than inactive. These are non feminine qualities, “ a lady ne’er sweats ”. It is these factors which differentiate between the commercialised tantrum’ adult female and the ideal feminine adult female.

In my personal sentiment, the ideal feminine and commercialized tantrum’ adult females are both negative theoretical accounts for immature adult females to take towards. The ideal feminine adult female is stereotyped of a patriarchal society where adult females convey a inactive function behind work forces. In our pursuit for equality adult female must be aggressive and strong, they must non let themselves to vanish behind overmastering work forces. The 1990’ s has presented adult females with many challenges, one of the most profound has been the alteration in the household construction. The legion individual parent households have left adult females to fend for themselves, from the workplace to the family. This requires adult females to be various, smart, and powerful. The stereotyped feminine adult female does non cut it in the 1990’ s, she would be shuffled in the pandemonium of seeking to remain afloat. Making ends meet agencies forcing yourself to the bound, mentally and physically. Therefore, the ideal feminine adult female would be ill-equipped to chop it in the 1990’ s.

The commercialised tantrum’ adult female is besides a negative theoretical account for immature adult females to draw a bead on towards. Helen Lenskyj states that exercising picture and commercial ads are “ cut downing the teachers to arouse objects distorted and devalued the activity ; many televised categories’ resembled soft eroticas instead than exert ”. This is giving immature adult females the feeling that the intent of these exercisings is to do themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. Having adult females presenting beside work forces in commercial ads and advancing exercising books written by actresses and theoretical accounts has presented a dual criterion. They are increasing physical activity in immature adult females, nevertheless, the intent behind the exercising is being replaced with manner and gender. Physical exercising promotes a healthy life style and increases assurance in adult females, this is being undermined through the commercialised tantrum’ ideal adult female.

The two adult females’ s organic structures which present positive results are the muscular organic structure and the fittingness organic structure. Surveys reveal that the muscular organic structure is still non universally accepted. Both work forces and adult females have associated this organic structure type with a typical male organic structure. Men are intimidated and experience threatened by adult females who are stronger or every bit every bit strong as them. These muscled adult females are labelled as a dike or a “ he-she ”, nevertheless I believe that this designation will alter in the hereafter. The physically fit adult female is besides a positive ideal image to draw a bead on to. This type of adult female is physically active and has defined musculuss. She participates in assorted activities for diversion or competition, she can keep her ain against work forces and ne’er stops seeking. She does non hold the perfect theoretical account organic structure, she has curves and characteristics which set her apart from the scrawny stick miss. The physically fit adult female has a healthy organic structure which leads to a healthy head.

In decision, the tantrum organic structure in a adult female may or may non be more feminine it all depends on your definition of tantrum’ and feminine’. By my definitions the tantrum organic structure is non more feminine. The fit organic structure is defined as a mesomorph, strong and shapely with defined musculuss. However, the feminine organic structure is an ectomorph organic structure, slender physique with small or no defining musculuss. In the 20th century more people have begun to believe of the fit organic structure as more feminine than the slender, scraggy organic structure. Therefore, as we begin to alter our positions on what an mean adult female looks like, I believe that a fit adult female will go more feminine.

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