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Masculine and Feminine Communication Differences Essay

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Tiffany Stevens ICAP FINAL OUTLINE SPCH 1200 Interpersonal Communication Hybrid H. Schara, Instructor October 27, 2012 INTRODUCTION I. Attention getter: I think we can all find some truth behind what Bill Cosby was saying when he stated “Men and women belong to different species, and communication between them is a science still in its infancy. ” To me, Bill Cosby was suggesting that. . . . [explain the quote in your own words. ] II. Central Idea: Masculine and Feminine co-cultures can differ dramatically in the way they communicate, but these differences can be maneuvered effectively.

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Masculine and Feminine Communication Differences
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III. Preview of main points: Tonight I will explain the research about gender roles and how emotional experience and expression can be affected by gender roles. BODY OF SPEECH I. First, I will explain how gender differences develop based on research in the field of gender roles . [Your sub points seem to indicate how you will explain the differences that exist. Make your main points short and easy to identify – we only get one chance and listening.

?] A. [detail] Julia T. Wood describes how “differences between gender cultures infuse communication. These differences begin at childhood. [Explain some of the differences that exist. ] B. [source] Anthropologists Daniel Maltz and Ruth Broker’s research suggest the games children play contribute to socializing children into masculine and feminine roles. I will explain in my own words an example of some games boys and girls play as children, how they organize themselves within these games, how differently boys and girls communicate with each other while playing these games and what research suggests these differences in communication style actually mean.

C. [source] Deborah Tannen’s studies found specific gender differences between men and women regarding communication style. I will list at least five of the contrasts in communication styles from Tannens’s research. {Consider listing just two or three and then explaining them and giving clear examples. It is better that we understand a smaller amount of info, versus being overwhelmed by too much. ] ? II. Second, I will explain how stereotypes may support gender differences in the experience and expression of emotion.

A. Patterns offer some explanation. [source] According to Kay E. Payne, the Author of the book Different But Equal, stereotypical patterns are associated with the hierarchical model of relationships. I will explain what hierarchical model is how masculine and feminine people are expected to act within this model. B. Perception offers some explanation. [detail] Men and women often perceive the same message in completely different ways, even without any misunderstanding. C.

Goals in relationships offer some explanation. [source] Deborah Tannen suggests that men and women want the same things out of relationships but just have different ways of expressing their desires due to the socially constructed views of what masculinity and femininity are. I will explain what the socially constructed views of masculinity and femininity are in our society. CONCLUSION I think Tannen put it best with regard to successful communication when she said “The “best” style is a flexible one. Tonight, I explained the research behind gender roles and some ways stereotypes affect emotional expression based on gender roles. Differences do exist. However, no one style is better than the other. Once we realize that others in our life may have different conversational styles than we do, we may be more apt to accept each other’s differences. The belief that there is only one right way to listen, to talk and to have a conversation is one of the biggest mistakes that we can make.

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