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Are We Taking Gods Place Research

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Are We Taking GODS Place?

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld the decease sentence of an Cameron County adult male convicted of kiling two adult male he thought raped his married woman in 1991. But at least two Judgess said Wednesday they believed the incorrect adult male has been sentenced to decease. Paul Richard Colella, 27, was convicted in September 1992 for hiting David Taylor and Michael Lavexphere on Sept. 12. , 1991. Six Judgess affirmed the strong belief. But Judge Charles Baird wrote in a dissentient sentiment, with Judge Morris Overstreet concurring, that an confederate was the more likely slayer.

( Colella, Paul Richard Feb. 7 2001 )

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Are We Taking Gods Place Research
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The decease punishment is an issue that has been debated for many old ages, and will be a extremely problematic subject in the hereafter. Because the decease punishment has ne’er been a distinct regulation, there is much contention on whether it is a cruel and barbarian act of justness or a socialized, humanist beginning of penalty. In add-on to the fact that guiltless people could be sentenced to the decease punishment, we as a society do non hold the right to take one another s lives ; two wrongs do non do a right.

Americans are granted constitutional rights that can non be taken off from the person. Consequently, each and every individual is entitled to a just and rapid test. The possibility remains that the attorney did non fight plenty for the guiltless individual, and hence, the inexperienced person could be accused of slaying, a offense punishable with the decease punishment. Although this does non happen really frequently, it should ne’er take topographic point.

In a society of freedom, Our freedoms should non be taken advantage of and misused. Each single life animal is created by a higher power. The United States of America was founded as a society with ethical motives and values and most significantly, God. Plants and animate beings are made for us by God to eat and bask, natural decease is made by God to modulate population and the decease punishment is made by adult male to penalize those who kill. The right to kill those who kill is non granted to any single, hence, the decease punishment is non a right any individual can take advantage of and utilize as penalty.

Punishment for error is acceptable, but cruel and unusual penalty is against the jurisprudence. If our society punishes those who commit atrocious offenses such as killing another human being, so is it non considered cruel and unusual penalty to punish a incorrect with a incorrect? Children grow up being taught that two wrongs do non do a right, so why is it that kids are being taught this lesson when it is genuinely our justness system that needs this talk.

Our society is caught up in seeking to make what is right, when all it needs is a wake-up call. The offense of slaying is considered inhumane ; yet, to kill person by the electric chair or deadly injection is considered penalty. Simple lessons that we learn in life, such as, two wrongs do non do a right, should be taken with each person as we learn and absorb them and do them a portion of our day-to-day lives. The decease punishment may extinguish the liquidator ; nevertheless, it can besides extinguish the inexperienced person.

  1. Colella, Paul Richard Innocent on Death-Row. February 7. 2001 Feb.7 2001 hypertext transfer protocol: //members tripod.de/adm/popup/road map.shtml

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